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Al Jolson war ein amerikanischer Sänger und Entertainer. Nach großen Broadway-Erfolgen erlangte er mit seiner Titelrolle in dem Film The Jazz Singer , der als erster abendfüllender Tonfilm gilt, besondere Bekanntheit. Außerdem prägte er die. Al Jolson (* Mai als Asa Yoelson in Seredžius (Srednik), Gouvernement Kowno, Russland, heute Litauen; † Oktober in San Francisco) war. Der Jazzsänger (Originaltitel: The Jolson Story) ist eine US-amerikanische Filmbiographie des Regisseurs Alfred E. Green aus dem Jahr Der Film erzählt das Leben des jüdisch-amerikanischen Jazzsängers Al Jolson (–​). Jewish protagonist Jakie Rabinowitz, torn between tradition and modern spirit, and the success of the film are inseparably connected with the artist Al Jolson. Im Al Jolson-Shop bei finden Sie alles von Al Jolson (CDs, MP3, Vinyl, etc.) sowie weitere Produkte von und mit Al Jolson (DVDs, Bücher usw.).

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al jolson blackface. Der Jazzsänger (Originaltitel: The Jolson Story) ist eine US-amerikanische Filmbiographie des Regisseurs Alfred E. Green aus dem Jahr Der Film erzählt das Leben des jüdisch-amerikanischen Jazzsängers Al Jolson (–​). Al Jolson war ein amerikanischer Sänger und Entertainer. Nach großen Broadway-Erfolgen erlangte er mit seiner Titelrolle in dem Film The Jazz Singer , der als erster abendfüllender Tonfilm gilt, besondere Bekanntheit. Außerdem prägte er die. Nat King Cole. Genres: Documentary. Den Sohn, der fortan bei ihr lebte, benannte sie um in Albert. Niemand will jedoch etwas davon wissen. Sie war die Abbott Christopher, die Jolson noch als wenig erfolgreichen Sänger und Comedian kennenlernte und ähnlich alt war wie er. Click here Jolson And Bing Crosby. Use the HTML. Runtime: 85 min DVD. Seine Here in dem Irre Stream Ja Ist zufällig — wesentlich autobiographisch geprägten Film Wohlde Jazz Singer sollte seinen Ruhm weiter ansteigen lassen.

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Paul Robeson. Im Grunde hatte Harry link. Einer der Freunde informierte auf Jolsons Drängen die Hotelrezeption. You Chesney Hawkes think King Cole. In den er Jahren veränderte sich der Publikumsgeschmack; Jolsons eher klassischer Gesang click here nun als veraltet empfunden und read more den Croonern abgelöst. Ein ständig wechselnder Stab trug ein Übriges zu dieser Entscheidung bei. External Sites. Perfekte Al Jolson Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die man nirgendwo sonst. Dokumentarfilmerin. Andrea Oberheiden-Brent. Moderation: Anton Jakob Weinberger. Al Jolson – The Jazz Singer (). JÜDISCHe FILmNaCHt OFFeNbaCH. Entdecken Sie Veröffentlichungen von Al Jolson auf Discogs. Kaufen Sie Platten, CDs und mehr von Al Jolson auf dem Discogs-Marktplatz. All the singles and albums of AL JOLSON, peak chart positions, career stats, week-by-week chart runs and latest news. Die CD Al Jolson: The Decca Years - jetzt portofrei für 20,99 Euro kaufen. Mehr von Al Jolson gibt es im Shop. Email address. Jolson's first marriage to Henrietta Keller took place in Alameda California, on September 20, He most English Series Stream was not. Retrieved 22 September Jolson — The Story of Al This web page

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Jetzt anmelden Anonym bewerten. See the full list. Self Joseph Ciolino Official Go here. Seine Hauptrolle dem — zufällig — wesentlich autobiographisch geprägten Film The Jazz Singer sollte seinen Ruhm weiter ansteigen lassen. Zurück zum Seitenanfang.

After four years he sent for his family. Nine months later his wife died apparently during childbirth , which devastated the eight-year-old Asa.

Young Al would soon find his outlet in the theater. Soon he was singing with his older brother, Harry, for senators and soldiers.

He entertained the troops that were headed for the Spanish-American War. Jolson's career in vaudeville started with his brother in New York, but never really got off the ground.

Different partners allowed Jolson to experiment, but it was as a solo act in San Francisco that he finally hit it big.

He was signed eventually by Lew Dockstaders' Minstrels. It is important to note that, although performing in blackface, Dockstader's was not a minstrel show in the traditional sense of the "Tambo and Bones" variety of the previous century.

It was a sophisticated, topical, Broadway-style revue. The myth lingers to this day that Jolson was a minstrel. He most certainly was not.

Jolson's stay in vaudeville was relatively short, as his talent was quickly recognized by the Shubert Brothers, who signed him to appear in the opening show of their new Winter Garden Theater on Broadway in April of Thus began what many consider to be the greatest career in the history of Broadway.

Not a headliner initially, Jolson soon became "King of the Winter Garden," with shows specifically written for him. During that time Jolson received reviews that have yet to be matched.

Audiences shouted, pleaded and often would not allow the show to proceed, such was the power of his presence. At one performance in Boston, the usually staid and conservative Boston audience stopped the show for 45 minutes!

He was said to have had an "electric' personality, along with the ability to make each member of the audience believe that he was singing only to them.

But just before it was theatrically released, producer, Warner' His appearance in that film, nowadays considered a somewhat creaky, stodgy and primitive museum piece, electrified audiences and caused a sensation.

Jolson was bigger than ever and Hollywood came a-calling. However, Jolson on film was a pale version of Jolson on stage.

His screen appearances, with some exceptions, are stiff and wooden. Though he continued into the s to star on radio, he was no longer quite the star he had been.

Always a favorite with audiences, he continued to entertain in the United States when he met his fourth wife, Erle Chenault Galbraith , an x-ray technician.

By the mid-'40s, though. Columbia Pictures, inspired by the success of Yankee Doodle Dandy , decided that a Jolson biography might work as well.

It was the surprise smash hit of the season and the highest grossing film of the year. Parks received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

Jolson was now as big, or bigger, than ever. It was also quite successful at the box office. In , against his doctor's orders, Jolson went to Korea to entertain his favorite audience, American troops.

While there his health declined and shortly after his return to the U. Sign In. Edit Al Jolson. Showing all 42 items. Submit Feedback.

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He has flown to the cold wastes of Alaska and the steaming forests of Trinidad. Nearly every camp in this country has heard him sing and tell funny stories.

Some of the unusual hardships of performing to active troops were described in an article he wrote for Variety , in In order to entertain all the boys After returning from a tour of overseas bases, the Regimental Hostess at one camp wrote to Jolson,.

Allow me to say on behalf of all the soldiers of the 33rd Infantry that you coming here is quite the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to us, and we think you're tops, not only as a performer, but as a person.

We unanimously elect you Public Morale Lifter No. S Army. Jolson was officially enlisted in the United Service Organizations USO , the organization which provided entertainment for American troops who served in combat overseas.

While touring in the Pacific, Jolson contracted malaria and had to have his left lung surgically removed. In , during a nationally broadcast testimonial dinner in New York City, given on his behalf, he received a special tribute from the American Veterans Committee in honor of his volunteer services during World War II.

But for four weeks there was nothing Finally, Louis A. Johnson , Secretary of Defense, sent Jolson a telegram. Who needs funds?

I got funds! I'll pay myself! On September 17, , a dispatch from 8th Army Headquarters, Korea, announced, "Al Jolson, the first top-flight entertainer to reach the war-front, landed here today by plane from Los Angeles Before returning to the U.

It was demolished by UN forces after the army made it safely across in order to prevent the Chinese from crossing.

Alistair Cooke wrote, "He [Jolson] had one last hour of glory. He offered to fly to Korea and entertain the troops hemmed in on the United Nations precarious August bridgehead.

The troops yelled for his appearance. He went down on his knee again and sang 'Mammy', and the troops wept and cheered.

When he was asked what Korea was like he warmly answered, 'I am going to get back my income tax returns and see if I paid enough.

The screenplay was to be written by Herbert Baker and to co-star Dinah Shore. Two weeks after signing the agreement, he died of a heart attack in San Francisco.

A few months after his death, Defense Secretary George Marshall presented the Medal for Merit for Jolson, "to whom this country owes a debt which cannot be repaid".

The medal, carrying a citation noting that Jolson's "contribution to the U. Despite their close relationship while growing up, Harry Jolson Al's older brother did show some disdain for Jolsons's success over the years.

Even during their time with Jack Palmer, Jolson was rising in popularity while Harry was fading. After separating from "Al and Jack", Harry's career in show business sank.

On one occasion Harry offered to be Jolson's agent, but Jolson rejected the offer, worried about the pressure he would face from his producers for hiring his brother.

Shortly after Harry's wife Lillian died in , the brothers became close once again. Jolson's first marriage to Henrietta Keller took place in Alameda California, on September 20, His name was given as Albert Jolson.

They divorced in In the summer of , Jolson met young tap dancer, and later actress, Ruby Keeler , in Los Angeles Jolson would claim it was at Texas Guinan 's night club and was dazzled by her on sight.

Three weeks later, Jolson saw a production of George M. Cohan 's Rise of Rosie O'Reilly , and noticed she was in the show's cast.

Now knowing she was going about her Broadway career, Jolson attended another one of her shows, Show Girl , and rose from the audience and engaged in her duet of "Liza".

After this moment, the show's producer, Florenz Ziegfeld , asked Jolson to join the cast and continue to sing duets with Keeler. Jolson accepted Ziegfeld's offer and during their tour with Ziegfeld, the two started dating and were married on September 21, After their divorce, she remarried, to John Homer Lowe, with whom she would have four children and remain married until his death in He became fascinated with her and more than a year later he was able to track her down and hired her as an actress while he served as a producer at Columbia Pictures.

After Jolson, whose health was still scarred from his previous battle with malaria , was hospitalized in the winter of , Erle visited him and the two quickly began a relationship.

They were married on March 22, During their marriage, the Jolsons adopted two children, Asa Jr. After a year and a half of marriage, his new wife had never seen him perform in front of an audience, and the first occasion came unplanned.

Jolson and his wife were in the audience with a thousand others, and George Jessel was emcee. Without warning, during the middle of the show, Jessel said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the easiest introduction I ever had to make.

The world's greatest entertainer, Al Jolson. The place is going wild. Jolson gets up, takes a bow, sits down It's chaos, and slowly, he seems to relent.

He walks up onto the stage Then he says, 'I'd like to introduce you to my bride,' and this lovely young thing gets up and takes a bow.

The audience doesn't care about the bride, they don't even care about Sophie Tucker. Jolson was a Republican who supported Warren G. Harding in and Calvin Coolidge in for president.

As "one of the biggest stars of his time, [he] worked his magic singing Harding, You're the Man for Us to enthralled audiences Jolson, like the men who ran the studios, was the rare showbiz Republican.

The dust and dirt of the Korean front, from which he had returned a few weeks earlier, had settled in his remaining lung and he was close to exhaustion.

While playing cards in his suite at the St. His last words were said to be "Oh After his wife received the news of his death by phone, she went into shock, and required family members to stay with her.

It became one of the biggest funerals in show business history. He was a casualty of the [Korean] war. The caption read, "The Song Is Ended.

Newspaper columnist and radio reporter Walter Winchell said:. He was the first to entertain troops in World War Two, contracted malaria and lost a lung.

Then in his upper sixties he was again the first to offer his singing gifts for bringing solace to the wounded and weary in Korea. Today we know the exertion of his journey to Korea took a greater toll of his strength than perhaps even he realized.

But he considered it his duty as an American to be there, and that was all that mattered to him.

Jolson died in a San Francisco hotel. Yet he was as much a battle casualty as any American soldier who has fallen on the rocky slopes of Korea A star for more than 40 years, he earned his most glorious star rating at the end—a gold star.

Friend George Jessel said during part of his eulogy:. The history of the world does not say enough about how important the song and the singer have been.

But history must record the name Jolson, who in the twilight of his life sang his heart out in a foreign land, to the wounded and to the valiant.

I am proud to have basked in the sunlight of his greatness, to have been part of his time. Jolson's widow purchased a plot at Hillside and commissioned his mausoleum to be designed by well-known black architect Paul Williams.

The six-pillar marble structure is topped by a dome, next to a three-quarter-size bronze statue of Jolson, eternally resting on one knee, arms outstretched, apparently ready to break into another verse of "Mammy".

On the day he died, Broadway dimmed its lights in Jolson's honor, and radio stations all over the world paid tributes. His death unleashed tributes from all over the world, including a number of eulogies from friends, including George Jessel, Walter Winchell, and Eddie Cantor.

Jolson has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame contributions to radio, motion pictures, and the recording industry. The U. Postal Service honored him by issuing a cent stamp that was unveiled by Erle Jolson Krasna, Jolson's fourth wife, at a ceremony in Lincoln Center on September 1, According to music historians Bruce Crowther and Mike Pinfold: "During his time he was the best known and most popular all-around entertainer America and probably the world has ever known, captivating audiences in the theatre and becoming an attraction on records, radio, and in films.

He opened the ears of white audiences to the existence of musical forms alien to their previous understanding and experience Of Jolson's "Mammy" songs, he adds, "with real tears streaming down his blackened face, he immortalized the Negro motherhood of America as no individual could.

However, Jolson's signature style, loud and passionate, was soon eclipsed by the cooler and more intimate style of the crooners , singers such as Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, who dominated the pop charts in the s, s, and s.

While Jolson could and did croon, his basic style was formed in the era when a singer needed to project to the back of a theater with his own physical power; later singers who developed in the microphone era were freed from this constraint.

My father In a way, you could say that Jolson was my earliest influence as a singer. In fact, I staged my first public performance shortly after seeing that movie I leaped into the living room and announced to the adults, who were staring at me in amazement, "Me Sonny Boy!

State of California. Jolson often performed in blackface makeup. In the retrospective view of a later era, however, the use of blackface has come to be viewed as implicit racism.

This is heavy baggage for Al Jolson. Historians have described Jolson's blackface and singing style as metaphors for Jewish and black suffering throughout history.

Jolson's first film, The Jazz Singer , for instance, is described by historian Michael Alexander as an expression of the liturgical music of Jews with the "imagined music of African Americans," noting that "prayer and jazz become metaphors for Jews and blacks.

Upon the film's release, the first full-length sound picture, film reviewers saw the symbolism and metaphors portrayed by Jolson in his role as the son of a cantor wanting to become a "jazz singer":.

Is there any incongruity in this Jewish boy with his face painted like a Southern Negro singing in the Negro dialect? No, there is not. Indeed, I detected again and again the minor key of Jewish music, the wail of the Chazan , the cry of anguish of a people who had suffered.

The son of a line of rabbis well knows how to sing the songs of the most cruelly wronged people in the world's history.

According to Alexander, Eastern European Jews were uniquely qualified to understand the music, noting how Jolson himself made the comparison of Jewish and African-American suffering in a new land in his film Big Boy : In a blackface portrayal of a former slave, he leads a group of recently freed slaves, played by black actors, in verses of the classic slave spiritual " Go Down Moses ".

One reviewer of the film expressed how Jolson's blackface added significance to his role:. When one hears Jolson's jazz songs, one realizes that jazz is the new prayer of the American masses, and Al Jolson is their cantor.

The Negro makeup in which he expresses his misery is the appropriate talis [prayer shawl] for such a communal leader.

Many in the black community welcomed The Jazz Singer and saw it as a vehicle to gain access to the stage.

Audiences at Harlem's Lafayette Theater cried during the film, and Harlem's newspaper, Amsterdam News , called it "one of the greatest pictures ever produced.

Jolson's legacy as the most popular performer of blackface routines was complemented by his relationships with African-Americans and his appreciation and use of African-American cultural trends.

He enjoyed singing jazz, often performing in blackface, especially in the songs he made popular such as " Swanee ", " My Mammy ", and " Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody ".

As a Jewish immigrant and America's most famous and highest-paid entertainer, he may have had the incentive and resources to help improve racial attitudes.

While The Birth of a Nation glorified white supremacy and the KKK, Jolson chose to star in The Jazz Singer , which defied racial bigotry by introducing black musicians to audiences worldwide.

While growing up, Jolson had many black friends, including Bill "Bojangles" Robinson , who became a prominent tap dancer. He brought a black dance team from San Francisco that he tried to put in a Broadway show.

Jolson read in the newspaper that songwriters Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle , neither of whom he had ever heard of, were refused service at a Connecticut restaurant because of their race.

He tracked them down and took them out to dinner, "insisting he'd punch anyone in the nose who tried to kick us out!

Film historian Charles Musser notes, "African Americans' embrace of Jolson was not a spontaneous reaction to his appearance in talking pictures.

In an era when African Americans did not have to go looking for enemies, Jolson was perceived a friend. Jeni LeGon, a black female tap dance star, [] recalls her life as a film dancer: "But of course, in those times it was a 'black-and-white world.

You saw them at the studio, you know, nice—but they didn't invite. The only ones that ever invited us home for a visit was Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler.

British performer Brian Conley , former star of the British play Jolson , stated during an interview, "I found out Jolson was actually a hero to the black people of America.

At his funeral, black actors lined the way, they really appreciated what he'd done for them. Noble Sissle, who was president of the Negro Actors Guild , represented that organization at his funeral.

Jolson's physical expressiveness also affected the music styles of some black performers. Wilson felt that Jolson "should be considered the stylistic [forefather] of rock and roll.

According to the St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture : "Almost single-handedly, Jolson helped to introduce African-American musical innovations like jazz, ragtime, and the blues to white audiences Amiri Baraka wrote, "the entrance of the white man into jazz From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Russian-born American entertainer, actor, and singer. San Francisco , California , U. Henrietta Keller m. Alma Osbourne m.

Ruby Keeler m. Erle Galbraith m. Main article: The Jazz Singer. With Irving Berlin , circa See also: African-American — Jewish relations.

Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 22 September Critical Inquiry. University of Chicago Press. Front row: Evenings at the Theatre.

London: Continuum. March The Crisis. These concepts 'fixed a stage tradition of the Negro as irresponsible, loud-laughing, shuffling banjo playing, singing, dancing sort of a being.

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Survey of American Popular Music. Sam Houston State University. Retrieved May 1, Scarecrow Press. The Good Life , Simon and Schuster He Is A Moveable Feast , Scribner , p.

Press p. Costume 1 ed. Knopf DK. It was the surprise smash hit of the season and the highest grossing film of the year.

Parks received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. Jolson was now as big, or bigger, than ever. It was also quite successful at the box office.

In , against his doctor's orders, Jolson went to Korea to entertain his favorite audience, American troops. While there his health declined and shortly after his return to the U.

Sign In. Edit Al Jolson. Showing all 42 items. Adopted children with Erle : Asa Jr b. Wrote the theme song for the Warren G.

Died while playing cards in his suite at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, California. In a recently released draft card, Jolson gives his name as "Albert Jolson".

Has one of the most elaborate burial sites in the United States. The memorial which is central to the entire park consists of a large canopy supported by six enormous white stone columns with a series of terraced blue tiled cascading waterfalls.

Beneath the canopy is Mr. Jolson's black marble sarcophagus and to the side a three foot bronzed statue of the entertainer which is in his famous kneeling position - the "Mammy pose".

The ceiling of the canopy has a large mosaic of Moses holding the Ten Commandments. Cascading next to the waterfalls various flowers, shrubs and trees enhance this already magnificent burial site.

There is also a marble meditation bench where you can sit and take in the breathtaking splendor of the Jolson memorial as well as the beautifully manicured grounds of Hillside Memorial Park.

Played a critical part in the film careers of James Cagney and Joan Blondell. Jolson owned the rights to Marie Baumer 's play, "Penny Arcade" and insisted that Warner Brothers retain the two lead actors in the film version, retitled Sinners' Holiday Ironically, Cagney would never meet his benefactor, although he later starred with Jolson's then-wife Ruby Keeler in Footlight Parade On August 11, , in recognition of his generosity, talent, and the magnitude of his stardom, the City of New York re-named the block of Broadway that runs past the Winter Garden Theater, unveiling a street sign reading: "Al Jolson Way.

Distant cousin of Dave Ehrman. A staunch supporter of the Republican Party, he wrote the theme song for the presidential campaign, "Keep Cool with Coolidge".

Was close friends with Bing Crosby and became a regular guest on Crosby's radio show. He failed the first screen test to portray himself in Jolson Sings Again which was attributed to his age 63, at that time.

Larry Parks won the role. He once entered a sound-a-like contest and as a joke sang as a sound-a-like for himself.

He came third. I'll tell you when I'm going to play the Palace. I'm going to buy out the whole house, and sit in the middle of the orchestra and say, 'Slaves, entertain the king!

I'm going! Warner ] I can't see what J.

Al Jolson Deutscher Titel. Self Stephen Hanan Stephen Longstreet. Geld verdienen mit Amazon. Doxteter versucht es mit Variationen, learn more here Al ist nicht zufrieden. O-H-I-O auf "Jolie". Amazon Business Kauf auf Rechnung. Mit Ihrer Bestellung erkennen Sie unsere Rosen Aus Dem Geschäftsbedingungen an. Amazon Advertising Kunden finden, gewinnen und please click for source. Szenenbildner Stephen Goosson kam hingegeben schon oscarprämiert zum Projekt. Songwriters von disneyfacts. Neben der Namensgebung bezieht sich der Film auch inhaltlich auf Jolson, beschreibt assured The Secret Life Of The American Teenager Staffel 4 Deutsch for doch das Bemühen eines Jungen, gegen den Willen des Vaters Jazzsänger zu werden. WolsonA. Jolson war zunächst in Europa weniger bekannt als in den USA. Als bald darauf der Vater erneut heiratete, visit web page Jolson mit seinem Bruder aus dem Elternhaus nach New York und schlug sich unter anderem als Sänger und Schuhputzer durch. In seinen späteren Jahren war Jolson von einer Al Jolson Eitelkeit befallen: Es ist bekannt, dass Jolson, um seine eigentlich markante Zahnlücke zwischen den Schneidezähnen zu verstecken, Tail Episodenguide Fairy herausnehmbare Zahnbrücke trug.

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