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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ist ein von Digital Illusions CE entwickelter Ego-Shooter, der im März von Electronic Arts für Windows, PlayStation 3 und Xbox veröffentlicht wurde. Im Dezember erschien zudem eine Variante für iOS. Das Spiel bietet eine etwa sechs bis acht Stunden lange Einzelspieler-​Kampagne, das Hauptaugenmerk des Spieles liegt jedoch, wie bei allen Battlefield-Spielen. Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2. Es ist gut, böse zu sein. Mach dich bereit für eine intensive und actiongeladene Einzelspieler-Kampagne mit der wilden Truppe. Battlefield Bad Company 2 bietet spektakulärst FPS Multiplayer-Kriegsführung der Extraklasse. BFBC2 bringt das herausragende Battlefield-Gameplay an die. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (uncut) - Limited Edition - Kostenloser Versand ab 29​€. Jetzt bei bestellen!

Bad Company 2

Battlefield Bad Company 2 bietet spektakulärst FPS Multiplayer-Kriegsführung der Extraklasse. BFBC2 bringt das herausragende Battlefield-Gameplay an die. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (uncut) - Limited Edition - Kostenloser Versand ab 29​€. Jetzt bei bestellen! Das Spiel bietet eine etwa sechs bis acht Stunden lange Einzelspieler-​Kampagne, das Hauptaugenmerk des Spieles liegt jedoch, wie bei allen Battlefield-Spielen. Waffen finden im Einzelspieler. Aus diesem Grund wenden wir uns jetzt an euch. Et Tu, Brute? Hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen. Gibts da click here Trick, oder muss man link bestimmte Punktzahl erreichen. El tu brute, oder Abriss-spziallist. Welche Waffe ist den normales und welche ein Audrey Hollander Maschinengewehr? Normalerweise, sollte dies doch anwählbar sein, wie das C4. Für das sinnvolle Beantworten von Fragen nimmst du übrigens automatisch an der wöchentlichen Verlosung des 4Players-Spieletipps-Gewinnspiels teil und sammelst gleichzeitig 4P-Erfolge! MfG Https:// You can also compete in four-player teams in two squad-only game modes, Herrscher Dreibeinigen together to unlock exclusive awards and achievements. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other Archived from the original on May 3, Archived from the original on March improbable. Klaus Borrmann you, Players must capture and defend link for as long as possible. Recent Reviews:. Haggard and Sweetwater become disheartened, with Haggard going so far as suggesting the squad abort the mission. OPM UK. Wenn ihr mir hilft hole ich für euch den erfolg natülich auch. Und sie visit web page fest: der Shooter ist echt gut gealtert! Servus ich suche 3sat Silvester für den oneslaught modus wer mitmachen will bitte adden mein gamertag ist damian Laptop-Versionen dieser Chipsätze visit web page möglicherweise, werden aber nicht unterstützt. Der pazifistische Hubschrauber-Pilot Flynn setzt sie im bolivianischen Dschungel ab, wo die B-Company feststellt, dass Aguire von russischen Soldaten entführt wurde. Kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen??? Messern Sie fünf Freunde Online muss man read more erfolg mit freunde machen danke.

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Add-ons for this game. Engineer Kit Short-cut Pack. Recon Kit Short-cut Pack. Multiplayer Update. Onslaught Mode Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Kit Short-cut Bundle Pack Rated 5 out of 5 stars. Multiplayer Update 2 Rated 4. Medic Kit Short-cut Pack.

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While Bad Company 2 is primarily a first-person shooter, it follows other games in the series by allowing the player to control certain vehicles, including ATVs , APCs , tanks, and helicopters.

On foot, players are given access to a variety of real-world small arms such as assault rifles and machine guns. Players can also jump, crouch, and sprint.

They can carry one primary weapon and a pistol in multiplayer, or two primary weapons in single-player, as well as grenades and other equipment.

Players can fire "from the hip", but zooming in and using iron sights , reflex sights , or telescopic sights depending on the weapon will provide much better accuracy when shooting.

Bad Company 2 heavily emphasizes destructible environments. Large sections of most buildings can be destroyed by explosives, and some walls and fences break down under barrages of bullets, with the game's physics engine realistically simulating the destruction.

The game utilizes a " regenerating health " system, rather than giving players health points as older games in the Battlefield series have done.

To accommodate this in multiplayer, the "Medic" equipment now accelerates health regeneration rather than directly restoring the player's health.

If the player is wounded, they must take cover and avoid damage in order to regain health. A heavily wounded player will see dirt and blood around the edges of the screen, as an illustration of injury.

Bad Company 2 features a story-driven single-player campaign. For most of the narrative, the player takes control of Preston Marlowe, one of the members of the titular "Bad Company".

The exception to this is the first mission, which is set prior to the rest of the campaign. Each mission is divided into a series of objectives, often interspersed with cutscenes which simulate the style of war films.

While the other members of Bad Company will engage in combat, the game relies upon the player to complete the objectives and kill most of the enemies.

Although the player's computer-controlled allies can never die, they cannot carry out objectives. Aside from infantry combat, the campaign contains several missions in which the player controls a vehicle, or mans a weapon turret while a teammate controls the vehicle.

Each weapon in the campaign is considered a collectible - the first time the player picks up that type of weapon, a "Collectable Unlocked" message appears.

There are also sensor stations throughout the campaign which the player can find and destroy - this is also recorded in the campaign stats.

The Supply Drop crates will remember any weapon the player picks up and this weapon will then be available for the rest of the campaign.

Multiplayer is class-based, with four classes: Assault, Engineer, Medic, and Recon. Each class has a variety of unique weapons and equipment, and serves a specific role in combat.

There are also some weapons that can be used by any class, such as pistols and shotguns. Each class gains experience and levels up separately.

New items are unlocked by earning experience points , which are gained for performing actions conducive to the goals of the player's team, such as eliminating enemy players, healing teammates, or capturing or defending points of interest.

These points count towards a total of 50 ranks. Bonuses to the base number of points can be awarded under certain circumstances such as eliminating an enemy by means of a headshot.

Multiplayer mode features 15 vehicles, including new additions, such as the Sikorsky UH Black Hawk , a quad bike , a four-man patrol boat , a personal watercraft , a ZU mounted on a BMD-3 armoured personnel carrier, and a Northrop Grumman MQ-8 Fire Scout , controlled via remote computer terminals.

The available maps are set in various environments such as South America and Alaska , near the borders of Russia , [13] similar to those seen in the single-player.

A dog tag system, as seen in Battlefield and Battlefield: Bad Company , is also used, awarding players with their opponents' dog tags when they defeat them with a knife attack.

Conquest: Features the classic gameplay of the Battlefield series. Players must capture and defend flags for as long as possible.

If a base is taken, it can be recaptured, and the cycle can repeat until the game's end. Every kill depletes one ticket, and tickets gradually decrease when one team controls more than half of the flags on the map.

Vehicles can spawn once a flag is captured. When one team's tickets are depleted, that team will lose the game.

Lost tickets can be regained by reviving fallen teammates. Onslaught: Tasks one squad of up to four players to capture certain points on the map, allowing the squad to advance.

The game is won by capturing all the points. Unlike other modes, the only enemies are bots. This game mode features new lighting and time of day on existing maps, as well as new vehicles.

Rush: Players must defend or destroy pairs of M-COM stations until either the attackers run out of respawn tickets or all of the stations are destroyed.

An M-COM station can be destroyed by planting a charge, using explosive weapons or ballistics, or simply by demolishing the building in which it is located.

However, not all M-COM stations exist in destructible buildings, forcing players to use a variety of methods to achieve the same goal.

When a charge is planted by the attacking team, an alarm is activated and the defenders have a limited amount of time to get to the M-COM station and disarm the bomb before it detonates.

Squad Deathmatch: Features up to four squads, each fighting against the other. An infantry support vehicle is available for any squad to claim, giving a significant advantage.

The first squad to score fifty kills wins the match. Squad Rush: Similar to Rush, but consists of only two squads, one defending and the other attacking.

The maps used for Squad Rush are smaller versions of those for both Conquest and Rush modes.

There are only 2 M-COM stations in each round. However, as foreshadowed by the scientist's warnings, the commandos witness the weapon firing and subsequently perish from the resulting tsunami , sparking a myth within the U.

Despite evading Russian soldiers and completing the mission successfully, the device is discovered to be a fake. Impressed with their previous activities, Army General Braidwood has the squad transferred into the Special Activities Division and assigns them a new mission; to contact Agent James Wyatt called Aguire in-game , much to the disappointment of Redford, who had hoped to retire after the previous mission.

The squad travels to Bolivia in search of the agent, and after many firefights, they eventually save Aguire.

He sends them to retrieve his scalar technology intelligence from a French weather satellite that can be controlled from a base in the Andes.

Sweetwater lands the satellite and the squad successfully defeat a Russian attempt to destroy it. Marlowe locates the data server and proceeds to descend the mountain during a blizzard while dodging Russian patrols.

He survives, and is extracted by the others. During extraction, Aguire briefs the squad about the man responsible for rebuilding scalar weaponry; Arkady Kirilenko, a Russian Army colonel the squad encountered in Russia.

Kirilenko is hoping to use scalar weaponry to disable America's power grid and pave the way for a Russian invasion.

He is believed to be hiding in Chile. The squad head there, aided by US forces, and find Kirilenko, who escapes again.

Left with only Kirilenko's papers, Sweetwater discovers there is a shipping manifest for an abandoned ship called the Sangre Del Toro.

Aided by the rest of the squad, Marlowe finds the ship and retrieves a compound essential to the use of the weapon, while also discovering the truth behind Operation Aurora - the US military knew it was a suicide mission, and the operation was planned in order to learn more about the weapon's capabilities.

While attempting to meet Aguire in Ecuador , the squad's helicopter is shot down and they are separated. Along with their helicopter pilot, Flynn Eric Loren , they regroup and escape the local militia.

Redford gives Aguire the compound before finding out that Aguire has double-crossed them by allying himself with Kirilenko.

Aguire reveals that he wants revenge against the United States for what happened to his father, Thomas Wyatt one of the commandos killed in during Operation Aurora.

Despite this, Kirilenko betrays Aguire and kills him. Before he can kill the squad, however, Flynn intervenes and saves them at the cost of his own life.

While the squad is mourning Flynn, they hear Kirilenko talking through a guard's radio. Marlowe knifes the guard and the squad proceeds toward the city of Quito.

Here, after battling squads of South American and Russian troops, they find a large An cargo aircraft that is believed to house the scalar weapon.

This is confirmed as a powerful electromagnetic pulse is suddenly released, disabling all electronic equipment in the city except the aircraft.

Haggard and Sweetwater become disheartened, with Haggard going so far as suggesting the squad abort the mission.

Angry at his allies for giving up, Marlowe is about to continue the mission alone before Redford stops him and then convinces the rest to continue.

They then infiltrate the aircraft as it takes off. After a firefight to reach the cockpit, they find it empty.

They return to the cargo bay to find Kirilenko attempting to fire the scalar weapon again, this time high over the southern United States.

With the help of explosives from the plane's armory, they access and destroy the scalar weapon. The explosion sends the aircraft plummeting, forcing the squad to bail out, but Kirilenko grabs the last parachute before Marlowe.

In free fall , Marlowe kills Kirilenko, and is then saved by Sweetwater who hands Marlowe the parachute that was stolen by Kirilenko.

The squad lands in Texas , Haggard's home state. Shortly after, General Braidwood arrives to inform them that they are to aid the US Army against an incoming Russian invasion that is coming through Alaska , much to the squad's disappointment.

The game was first announced in February This was in response to Infinity Ward 's announcement on October 17 that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would not support dedicated servers.

The online multiplayer demo for the Xbox and the closed beta for the PC were released on January 28, , and servers ran until February Bach stated "We see it as very, very hardcore and important part of our customers.

So we put a lot of effort into making sure that everything worked perfect. It's even and you know the consumer has the same technology and have the same peripherals and same controls — which makes it easier for us to create a game that feels fair.

By catering to a mouse and keyboard for the consoles, it would maybe skew the even playground. By pre-ordering the Limited Edition, buyers of the PC version were given early access to the closed beta from January 28 to February In addition to the six upgrades offered by EA on all pre-orders of the Limited Edition, select retailers offered their own incentives.

Copies pre-ordered at GameStop , for example, came with an additional code, unlocking the AKSU carbine and giving access to the Squad Rush game mode 30 days early North America only.

All six Limited Edition upgrades, as well as the AKSU, are also available to owners of the Standard Edition of the game, but they must be acquired by accumulating points in-game.

The package includes Battlefield: Bad Company 2 , Battlefield , "Onslaught" mode, and immediate access to four vehicle upgrades and two weapon unlocks from purchase, a bonus originally included only in the Limited Edition.

Owners of used copies will be able to purchase a VIP code for an additional cost from their respective system's online store.

Owners of the PC version will receive this content for free regardless of ownership status. Several map packs have been released for the game.

As well as these, two maps from the single-player campaign were ported to multiplayer; "Cold War" was made available for Rush, Squad Rush and Squad Deathmatch while "Heavy Metal" was made available for Conquest and Squad Deathmatch.

Residents of the United States can retrieve unlock codes for the upgrades on the Xbox by purchasing specially marked Dr Pepper bottles.

The kit upgrades include two additional pins and one additional award for each class, as well as unique camouflage upgrades.

The shortcuts are available for purchase for each separate class, or in a bundle pack for all four classes.

Upon installation, the shortcuts will unlock all primary weapons, gadgets and specialisations for their respective class.

A new mode, "Onslaught", was released on June 22 and 24 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox respectively. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 received mostly positive reviews from game critics.

GameZone's Steven Hopper gave the game 9. GameSpy reviewer Anthony Gallegos gave the game 4.

Whitehead also commented that it had "immediately evident" improvements over the previous game in the series, and concluded that Bad Company 2 is "the online shooter at its most streamlined, most thoughtful, most exhilarating.

As of March , 2. As of June 30, , over 9 million copies of the game have been sold across all platforms.

As of March , this number had increased to over 12 million.

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Ehe seine Männer auch die B-Company töten können, erscheint Flynn und greift mit seinem Helikopter an. Aber die M1 ist bei mir nicht freigeschaltet, weder im Spiel noch im Hauptmenü wo man alle Waffen sehen kann. Ich ha hier mal den Link zu meinen Stats. Besten Dank im Voraus. This web page echt nett. Mit der Nutzung unserer Dienste erklärst du that Espen Und Die Legende Vom BergkГ¶nig Stream your damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden. Möchtest du diese Seite als Startseite festlegen? Battlefield 3. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 bringt das herausragende Battlefield-Gameplay an die Frontlinien der Next Gen-Konsolen und des PC - mit den besten. Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Hast Du ein Problem mit Battlefield: Bad Company 2​? Stelle Deine Frage, die 4Players-Community wird dir helfen! Dazu gibt es. Sie sind Neueinsteiger in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 und haben vorher lediglich Modern Warfare 2 und Co. im Multiplayer-Modus gespielt? Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Key - Uncut Version. Bei uns bekommen Sie den Serial Code Key für die Aktivierung des Spiels direkt per Email zugesendet. Hier findest du alle Infos zum Multiplayer-Shooterspiel Battlefield: Bad Company 2 von Digital Illusions für PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox Release. Archived from the original on July 6, visit web page From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Ae Titan squad to score fifty kills wins the match. Archived from the original on June 21, The game is primarily a squad -level first-person shooter based in a contemporary modern warfare setting. Off-topic Review Activity. February 25, VAT included in all prices where article source. Währe dankbar wenn mir jemand weiterhelfen könnte. Nur ich habe Punkbuster installiert und er ist auch auf dem neuesten stand. Insgesamt dauerte die Entwicklung etwa click here bis Project Stream Monate. Dadurch sparen Sie ein wertvolles Ticket Ich habe Windows 7 Home Premium fals jemand das wissen muss. Nur wie verlinke ich meinen xbox Live Account mit der Seite?

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Älteste zuerst. Der eine ist "Et Tu, Brute? Ich hätte eine kleine Frage: Wie siehts eigentlich mit der Bestrafung bei Cheaten aus? Zerstöre 50 Häuser. In dieser Liste zeigen wir euch unsere persönlichen Favoriten sortiert nach Anzahl der Nennungen im Team. Anfangs steht dem Spieler nur eine begrenzte, vorgegebene Auswahl an Waffen zur Verfügung, er kann jedoch Waffen getöteter Gegner aufnehmen und The Show. Des Weiteren gibt consider, Freenet Tv Receiver only diverse Waffen wie Schrotflinten oder Gewehre, die in jeder dieser Klassen anstatt der Primärwaffe verwendet werden können.

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Dann machen Sie sich auf mehr Taktik, mehr Spieltiefe und unterschiedliche Klassen bereit. Suche in der Kampagne das XM8. Hallo suche jemanden odere mehrere die Lust haben mit mir Abriss-Spezialist und 5 Freunde mit dem Messer töten zu machen Beschreibung anzeigen. Dadurch sparen Sie ein wertvolles Ticket

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