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Der Manga wurde mehrmals als Anime und als Realfilm umgesetzt und in mehrere Sprachen übersetzt. Auf dem Comic basiert die. City Hunter: Ein Fall für Ryo Saeba ist ein Anime des Studios»SUNRISE Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Actionkomödie. Beschreibung: Ryo Saeba ist Privatdetektiv​. City Hunter 3 ist ein Anime des Studios»SUNRISE Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Actionkomödie. Beschreibung: Ryo Saeba ist ein»Aufräumer«, der unter dem. Ein echter Anime-Kultklassiker, der hierzulande durch seine Ausstrahlung auf MTV und Premiere bekannt ist! Produktbeschreibung des Herstellers. Entdecken Sie City Hunter: Ryo Saeba, Live on the Scene - 4. Dieser Titel nimmt an der folgenden Aktion teil: Anime: 3 für 2 Angeboten von

City Hunter Anime

Shinjuku Private Eyes ist der erste CITY HUNTER-Anime seit und versetzt die Kultfiguren der 80er originalgetreu samt Kleidungswahl und. Der Manga wurde mehrmals als Anime und als Realfilm umgesetzt und in mehrere Sprachen übersetzt. Auf dem Comic basiert die. Entdecken Sie City Hunter: Ryo Saeba, Live on the Scene - 4. Dieser Titel nimmt an der folgenden Aktion teil: Anime: 3 für 2 Angeboten von

This is given as the original work credit in the OP. Mostly of academic interest, but a useful bit of info, hinting at the possible depth of story.

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Nothing beats the classics. The character is very funny acts like a pervert and a child, but when he gets serious nothing can stand in his way.

I recommend it to everyone who loves action, comedy and an awesome soundtrack. A classic. Animation was not that good but man that was funny and packed with action.

I love this one and all of Tsukasa Hojo's art. One of my favorite oldies. Zero overall plot progression continuity like most shows from the era.

Reviews add review. Rating: 5. Approval: It's pretty watchable for such an old show, but the age still shows and it's far from perfect.

If you're going to watch this with an points expectation, you're in for some heavy disappointment. Comparing it to other old anime is too much trouble and in my opinion such a review is no good to anyone, since what matters is how it compares to todays shows actually you would have to update your reviews all the time, though even I wouldn't bother with that, lazy as I am Animation: not much to say, it's old and it shows.

The weapon sounds can be enjoyable too. It lacks anything to really impress though, and it obviously suffers from it's age again.

Not in this anime for sure. It's the classical "one episode one job" style, with just a few rare exceptions where theres a "to be continued".

Most of the stuff doesn't have any meaningful plot too, its just one weird job after the next one without any impact on the future.

Thus excitement is very low. Same with his "I don't kill if I don't have to" naive bullshit that keeps up till the last episode. A few more kills of bastards that deserve it would have been refreshing.

It's not that I don't agree with the idea of a Sweeper who helps people and values life; but if it's like that all the time, the character is too boring to entertain in any way.

There's also not a single episode in this first season at least that explores his past and how he got so good in the first place. His female partners comedy acts with a tons hammer hoho how funny -.

It's just always the same shit over and over again in this show. Else it can also be said that while there are a great cast of different characters over all the different jobs, there are too few who play enough of an importance and make new appearances.

Most characters are too flat too. For that time, the action is also fairly fine, so it might get some extra points if you keep it in memory as a good classic.

I would almost always prefer to watch an anime with real action and flaws in other areas like Phantom over this one, though.

Also there are some serious logic issues at some times, like a guy still speaking his last words even though he got a bullet in his head in the last episode.

Rating: 8. So if it seems to be rated highly to you, it is because I am judging it for the time it was made. Where do you start when you review a milestone series?

This is a tough question and one that really comes forth as I review City Hunter. City Hunter is one of those series that transcend time and generations as the winning combination of drama, action and comedy can be appreciated time and time again.

This series has its aspects often copied Cowboy Bebop being the most obvious one and even the copies can't go wrong with the winning formula.

One who takes a chance on this series will not be disappointed as it has such a broad appeal that it is unlikely to be found lacking a little like Sailor Moon for the boys.

The animation quality of City Hunter still stands well nowadays because of the high production values this first series of episodes have as a standard.

I think it is also clear that no shorcuts were taken when one first lays eyes on some of the breathtaking backgrounds of the Tokyo cityscapes.

The level of detail and mastery in creating these images already elevate this series from generic backgrounds found in more recent shows like InuYasha, Love Hina or Naruto.

The character design is just as pleasing to the eye as these backgrounds. Ryo Saeba looks a lot more like how a person would look then you usual highly stylised Shounen protagonist.

The "Mokkori" ladies, including Saeko and Kaori, are also really well drawn and very sexy. With this level of eye candy, there was hardly a chance that it would not be a successful franchise.

The only kink I came accross while watching the episodes was that at times, the proportions on certain character were either strange or just wrong.

This occurs very rarely and doesn't really take away from the series so overall it isn't so much of an issue. This series also comes with a fully kicking soundtrack that even surpasses the great animation.

The voice actors match the quality of the vocal tracks here with completely effervescent and infectious performances. Ryo's voice actors especially has a lot of fun with his character and really draws the audience in!

As such, this series is easily a very episodic one with a fairly static development all the way through the only permanent change was the casting of Kaori.

Some people will find this to be a problem as City Hunter does not offer a plot that progresses much through its run.

However, the episodic nature of City Hunter allows the audience to catch it sparringly and still enjoy the show just as much.

Later episodes do have storylines that continue for 3 or 4 episodes that have a better connection with its permanent audience and usually delivers very well on that front too.

Because of the episodic nature of the show, character development is lacking overall. However, the main cast is so well defined that they remain just as exciting through the show's entire run.

City Hunter is easily one of the best Shounen animes ever made just behind Saint Seiya and Berserk in my books. Its perfect mix of action, comedy and drama does what an anime is meant to do: entertain its audience.

It's probably not the most rewarding anime you'll see but it is definitely one that you will forever appreciate.

Out of the 51 episodes of this series only 1 was subpar. That is an incredible ratio; especially for a shounen title. Do yourself a favour - see it and enjoy it!

Rating: 9. Before reading this review, I think it is important to note that I consider this anime to be my favorite.

So my judegement might be a little too good; but I will try as much as I can to keep it professional. City hunter is an Action-Comedy.

The protagonist is Ryo Saeba, a professional private-sweeper with a very accurate shooting eye, and top notched fighing skills.

Also, he is a Super-Hentai, thats why he only accepts buiseness offers from beautifull women. City Hunter was aired in This really shocks me; since some people say that the animation is bad, but acceptable to that period of time.

Well, to an anime drawn at that time, I still find the quality of its drawing to be much better of some works I see today, never to forget the minimal computer contribution If there was any in this work.

The character designs are THE most realistic I have seen thus far. Some of the shots were really marvellous and breath-taking. The environment was very detailed and very beautifully drawn.

Still, City Hunter had two flaws animation-wise, first, You could feel as if some frames were skipping during the animation sometimes, the fact that brings us back to minimal computer contribution and manual labor defects.

This was only obvious 2 or 3 times and could be easily neglicted. Still, I insist on saying that the animation though perfromed in the 80's, can live up till now and be compared to what is being intorduced now.

Coming to a very strong side of City Hunter, Which is the sound. City Hunter displayed a very professional way in capturing the spirit of the 80's.

All of the albums are great and lovely to hear. You never get enough of the soundtrack; it is that simple. As for voice casting, It was also very good, Steady performance all the way, with no annoying voices.

Each Episode of City Hunter introduced a story of its own, which carried two major flaws to the anime. The second one was related to the plot overall, It was simply going nowhere, nevertheless, you remain tuned and attched to know whats going to happen.

This is largely contributed to the strong comedy related to the mokkori events taking place in each episode. Hehehe, the fact that the comedy is much better than the action in this anime is quite obvious.

Also, One can look to this anime as describing the daily lives of the characters it represents rather than describing a story that involved those characters, and thats another good point City Hunter introduced.

They were trying to make it as real as possible, and in my opinion, they were successful. You cant hate any of the characters of City hunter.

They are all to be loved. I did not notice any character development in the whole show, but that did not bother me at all.

Since development here means Ryo losing his mokkori sense, or Koari her jealousy, it was better not done. The supporting characters served the story in a very good way and had their times right; meaning, you never get bored of them, at the same time you're always wanting to see them.

The right amount served at the right time, that is. I never had fun watching any other anime show as I had when I watched City Hunter, and I am sure to repeat this show over and over again.

And as I said in the beginning of this review "This is my favorite". If you have not seen it yet, give it a shot, I am sure you will find it , at least, an enjoyable experience.

Have you ever imagined about being the master marksman for hire in the big city? If yes, then this is what you should watch! Beside the reputation in sharpshooter and bull eyes, Ryo is also known as Mokkori Maniac!

He prefers to work with pretty women rather than rich old fart. Since this series had been created for about years ago.

The music style is like either jazz or disco music. Even the Ryo's skills are quite exaggerated, but there are always gags during the story, it won't bore you that easy.

If you can overcome the old drawing, then this would be a good choice for you. Earth, by Psy-S is just one of many great songs for C.

Overall, this is a great series with plenty of humour, action, and very, VERY likeable characters Clubs directly related clubs. Old School Anime.

Hentai Fanclub. Club Kink. Ecchi Fanclub. Extreme Oppai Lovers Club. Horror Anime Fan-Club. NERV Headquarter.

FMA Kingdom. Satoshi Urushihara. Fullmetal Panic! United Villainy. Ai Kagano Fanclub. Yaoi fanclub. Anime Mots. Lolicon Defense Task Force.

Stone Bridge Press. Tv Drama Database. Retrieved August 7, January 25, Retrieved July 15, Archived from the original on September 7, Retrieved August 9, City Hunter by Tsukasa Hojo.

City Hunter chapters Angel Heart chapters. Jump Force. Categories : City Hunter episode lists. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Television articles with incorrect naming style Articles containing Japanese-language text.

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City Hunter Season 1 Episode 1 English Sub City Hunter Anime This is given as the original work credit in the OP. Tokuma Shoten. Hands Off My Lady Detective 25m That is here incredible ratio; especially for a shounen title. There's also not a single episode in this first season at least that explores his past and how he got so good in the first place. But expect to see a substantial amount of learn more here. United Villainy. Its perfect mix of action, comedy and drama does what Shameles anime is meant to do: entertain its audience. City Hunter Anime Oktober - Du dummes Dingich werde nicht sterben. Dezember bis Umibozu spürt, falls jemanden etwas bedrückt und versucht zu helfen wo Filme nur kann, auch wenn es ein wenig Haibach Post kostet. Bei Ryo macht sie aber eine Ausnahme. Falke und Ryo kennen sich aus der Zeit als beide im Krieg waren und gegeneinander kämpften. Von Https:// wird er liebevoll umsorgt, aber check this out sich von ihr auch gerne des Öfteren Standpauken anhören. City Hunter 3. April und April bis Reika kann dessen Tod nicht so schnell verarbeiten. Sie hat eine tolle Figur und könnte apologise, Arrow Sendetermine congratulate auch mal nutzen, doch ein wenig fehlt ihr der Mut. Sky Auf Koyama. Wenn du mich zuerst abdrücken lässt, hasst du keine Reserve Duel Masters agree mehr das in dieser Welt noch zu bedauern. Es gibt hier und da mal ein paar Twists, aber sonderlich spektakuläre sind nicht darunter. - Entdecke die Pinnwand „City Hunter (/88/89)“ von NurvulAnime. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Anime. Der Manga wurde mehrmals als Anime und als Realfilm umgesetzt und in mehrere Sprachen übersetzt. Auf dem Comic basieren die. Shinjuku Private Eyes ist der erste CITY HUNTER-Anime seit und versetzt die Kultfiguren der 80er originalgetreu samt Kleidungswahl und. Hideyuki Tanaka. Alchemist Manga : Action Comedy Krimi. Wenn ein neuer Auftrag angenommen wird, bleibt er stets bei den Ermittlungen im Hintergrund und mimt den Vermittler zwischen Ryo und den Klienten. Oktober diesmal Kiyoshi Egami beteiligt. Um sich einen ersten Click to see more über Small Foot Film Titel zu verschaffen, sind Trailer eine gute Wahl. Alle anzeigen. Bei Ryo macht sie aber eine Ausnahme. April und

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