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William Thomas "Will" Riker ist eine fiktive Figur im Star Trek-Universum, die hauptsächlich als Hauptfigur in Star Trek: The Next Generation auftritt. William Riker ist der Name folgender Personen: William Harrison Riker (–​), US-amerikanischer Politikwissenschaftler. William Riker ist der Name. Nach der zweiten Staffel von Fackeln im Sturm erhielt er im Jahr die Rolle des ersten Offiziers William Riker in der Fernsehserie Raumschiff Enterprise: Das​. William Thomas Riker ist ein Offizier der Sternenflotte und lange Zeit Erster Offizier auf der USS. Commander William Riker, Sternzeit ,7. Die USS Hood hat mich auf Farpoint-Station abgesetzt, wo ich die Ankunft der neuen USS Enterprise erwarte​, auf.

Commander Riker

Nach der zweiten Staffel von Fackeln im Sturm erhielt er im Jahr die Rolle des ersten Offiziers William Riker in der Fernsehserie Raumschiff Enterprise: Das​. PlayMates Star Trek 9" Inch Figur Commander William Riker - Star Trek Insurrection: Spielzeug. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Commander Riker“ in Deutsch-Englisch von Reverso Context: Commander Riker, zum Quartier des Captains. Commander Riker The Super Hero Squad Show. Before this, the novel Imzadi gave his middle name as "Thelonius". He is one of only two Star Trek regulars to appear on five different Star Trek series. The network finally admitted the hoax, and Frakes distanced himself from the. Charles Lindbergh. The Mintakans, terrified that Picard was a god and would come to punish them, wanted to more info her as click sacrifice to Picard. Guardians of the Galaxy. This web page all 8 episodes. Cmdr Riker aboard. We will prepare for your arrival, Cmdr Riker. Ich see more mit Commander Walking.Dead 6 sprechen. Nach seinem Abschluss zog es link nach New York, wo sich als Schauspieler durchzuschlagen versuchte. Read more möglicherweise unpassend Entsperren. James Frakes und Doris Yingling in Pennsylvania geboren und wuchs dort auf. Commander Riker as a traveling companion. Commander Riker will join you soon in a moment. Deanna, perhaps before the next time, we should discuss Cmdr Riker. I can override and beam Cmdr Riker aboard. Jonathan Frakes wurde als Sohn von Dr. Synonyme Konjugation Here Corporate. Deanna, perhaps before the next time, we discuss Commander Riker Riker. Cmdr Rikerreport to the Captain's quarters. Neben verschiedenen Folgen anderer Serien Roswell dreht er den Kinofilm Clockstoppers und die Read more des Supermarionation -Klassikers Thunderbirdsdie beide aber wenig erfolgreich waren. Registrieren Einloggen. Simpsons Ganze Folgen Deutsch Riker wird Ihnen sicher alles erklären. Seit ist er als Regisseur source erster Linie für das Fernsehen tätig. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Übersetzung für "Commander Riker" im Englisch. Commander Riker will join you soon in a moment. Ich möchte mit Commander Riker sprechen.

The badly damaged Pegasus was found submerged deep within asteroid Gamma , but the phasing cloak was still intact. It was returned to the Enterprise , but the Enterprise was now trapped within the asteroid as a result of Romulan weapons fire.

The phasing cloak was the ship's only hope of escape, and Riker revealed its existence to the Enterprise crew, to the ire of Pressman.

La Forge and Data were able to connect and activate the cloak, letting the Enterprise escape. Picard informed the Romulans of what had happened, then took Pressman into custody.

Riker was also arrested, at his own insistence, and appeared before a board of inquiry at Starbase Riker, however, was allowed to return to duty despite this setback.

Riker had only discussed the truth about the Pegasus with ship's counselor Deanna Troi, and had difficulty deciding whether or not to reveal the true circumstances of the Pegasus incident to Captain Picard.

At Troi's suggestion, Riker recreated the final mission of Enterprise NX on the holodeck in order to gain command insight and to try to learn from the relationship between Captain Jonathan Archer and his chief engineer, Commander Charles Tucker III.

He interacted with several Enterprise crew members as chef , and as a MACO participated in the mission to rescue Shran 's daughter.

By observing Tucker's willingness to disobey orders during a critical moment, saving the life of Archer and ensuring the birth of the Federation, Riker realized that telling the truth and trusting Captain Picard's faith in him was much more important than obeying Pressman's orders.

While leading an away team to planet Minos in , Riker was encased in a stasis field by one of the automated weapons drones reactivated by the USS Drake.

Data was able to use a phaser to free him. Riker was attacked by the Ornaran T'Jon in T'Jon wanted Picard to hand over a shipment of felicium and threatened to kill Riker if he did not comply.

TNG : " Symbiosis ". He was later returned to the planet unharmed, although he was completely covered in a viscous black liquid.

TNG : " Skin of Evil ". Gregory Quinn, under the influence of the neural parasites, knocked Riker out after throwing him through a table.

While exploring Surata IV in , Riker was stuck by the thorn of a native plant. The thorn contained an organism which began to attack Riker's central nervous system and caused him to fall into a coma.

Katherine Pulaski was able to stimulate certain memory centers in Riker's brain. The emotional response provided resistance to the organism, which was suppressed.

TNG : " Shades of Gray ". Riker was part of a cultural observation team on Malcor III in The Malcorians were on the verge of warp capability, and the Federation planned to make first contact with the race.

However, Riker was mugged and badly injured in a Malcorian city, and was brought to a Malcorian hospital for treatment. His different anatomy and physiology perplexed the Malcorian doctors, and rumors soon spread that Riker was indeed an alien.

Despite his best efforts to escape, Riker was kept captive and his whereabouts left unknown to the Enterprise.

Furthermore, the strong xenophobic tendencies of the Malcorians were demonstrated when Krola , a member of Malcorian leader Durken 's staff, tried to make it look as if Riker assassinated him in order to make it appear as if the Federation was hostile and therefore discourage any contact.

Riker was eventually rescued by a team from the Enterprise and treated by Dr. However, the incident proved to Durken that the Malcorians were not ready for contact with other species, and he requested that the Federation leave the system until the culture was better prepared.

His injury prevented one of the disembodied criminals trapped there from inhabiting his body. TNG : " Power Play ". In , Riker was one of three Enterprise officers mentally assaulted by a Ullian named Jev.

Jev forced Riker to relive an accident in main engineering where he was forced to seal a crewmember, Ensign Keller , behind an isolation door , causing her death.

Riker then fell into a coma, which was believed to be a side effect of Iresine Syndrome. Investigation by Enterprise personnel revealed that Jev was the cause of the comas, and doctors from the Ullian homeworld helped with Riker's recovery.

TNG : " Violations ". Early in , Commander La Forge made enhancements to the sensor array during a survey mission to the Amargosa Diaspora.

The modifications involved channeling warp power through the main deflector. Unknown at the time, the energy signatures reached into a tertiary subspace domain and allowed a group of solanogen-based lifeforms from another universe to gain access to the Enterprise.

They wanted to learn more about our universe and potentially discover a way to project their universe into ours.

Riker and several other crewmembers were abducted and analyzed by the aliens, sometimes involving gory medical experiments.

Riker's right arm was amputated and reattached at some point. The side effects from the experiments left him very fatigued and claustrophobic, and it was these symptoms which led him to speak to Counselor Troi.

She brought Riker together with other Enterprise personnel who were experiencing similar feelings, and the group was able to create a holodeck simulation of the alien environment where they were taken.

Later, Dr. Crusher found evidence of the medical experiments in all of the abductees. In order to close the link between the normal universe and the solanagen universe and seal a spatial rupture forming in the Enterprise cargo bay, Riker wore a homing beacon which was able to isolate the tetryon emissions emanating from the solanagen universe and allow La Forge to initiate a graviton beam to seal the breach.

Crusher also gave him a counter-agent to ward off the sedative used by the aliens. Later that night, he was removed from the ship and taken to the alien laboratory, where the homing beacon allowed the Enterprise to seal the rupture shortly after Riker returned with another missing Enterprise crewmember.

TNG : " Schisms ". Also in , the Enterprise stopped at the Remmler Array for a baryon sweep. While there, the Enterprise command crew was invited to a reception at Arkaria Base.

A terrorist group took them hostage in order to secure trilithium resin from the Enterprise. Crusher devised a plan to use La Forge's VISOR as a way to knock their captors into unconsciousness, but needed a distraction to make the modifications.

Riker went up to one of the terrorists and tried to punch him, but was hit in the jaw himself. TNG : " Starship Mine ". Later in , Riker was sent to Tilonus IV to track a Federation research team lost when the government collapsed into anarchy.

During the mission, he was abducted and held captive in a facility run by Dr. The doctor began experiments on Riker's mind which threatened his sanity.

His mind resisted the torture by accessing memories of a play, Frame of Mind , which Riker had participated in as the main character shortly before the mission.

He began shifting between practicing the play on the Enterprise and actually living the plot of the play, with the characters as Tilonians.

He was committed to the hospital after being found guilty of murder and was threatened with synaptic reconstruction before resorting to a procedure called reflection therapy.

In the end the two events merged, with Riker being rescued from the mental hospital by the Enterprise. Syrus was present throughout the hallucinations, allowing Riker to deduce that he was fantasizing and regain consciousness.

He was rescued by the Enterprise before Syrus was able to inflict further damage, and he personally dismantled the Frame of Mind set as part of his therapy.

Riker hated cats , but was one of many Enterprise crewmembers who attempted to care for Data's cat, Spot.

Riker was in charge of feeding Spot while Data was away at a conference in late , and was scratched on the forehead as he attempted to set down a bowl of food.

Riker later passed responsibility for Spot to Dr. Crusher and was somewhat wary of entering Data's quarters.

TNG : " Timescape ". In , Dr. Beverly Crusher treated Reginald Barclay for a case of Urodelan flu and accidentally activated a dormant gene, mutating his T cells.

The gene became airborne and began to affect the rest of the crew, causing them to "de-evolve" into more primitive forms of life.

Riker devolved into an australopithecine and was found by Picard and Data attempting to break open Livingston 's fish tank in the captain's ready room.

He then tried to attack Picard and Data, but was stunned by a phaser and taken to sickbay. Data eventually discovered a way to reverse the effects, and the crew was returned to normal.

TNG : " Genesis ". In the Enterprise took part in the Battle of Sector against Starfleet orders. Thanks to the ship's intervention, the Borg cube was destroyed, but not before it launched a sphere which generated a temporal vortex and traveled to the year The Enterprise pursued and destroyed the sphere before it could prevent the first flight of Zefram Cochrane aboard the Phoenix warp ship.

The Phoenix was damaged during the attack, and several Enterprise -E crewmembers assisted Cochrane in repairs.

Riker also needed to convince Cochrane of the importance of his first warp flight, as Cochrane considered canceling it following the Borg attack.

Star Trek: First Contact. In Riker, along with the Enterprise crew, defied Federation orders and rebelled against the plan to relocate the Ba'ku people from their homeworld in order to harvest the metaphasic radiation from their planet's ring system.

While Picard and the rest of the senior staff protected the Ba'ku on the planet, Riker took the Enterprise out of the Briar Patch and alerted the Federation Council to the real issues surrounding the forced relocation.

During the journey out of the Briar Patch, the Enterprise was engaged by two Son'a vessels. The ship was seriously damaged in the process and forced to eject its warp core to seal a subspace tear.

Riker needed to invent a new tactic on the fly. Dubbed the " Riker maneuver " by chief engineer Geordi La Forge, it involved collecting metreon gas with the Bussard collectors and then venting the gas while the ship continued to move.

The cloud left behind the ship reacted with the isolytic weapons of the Son'a ships, destroying one and crippling the other.

Riker then returned with the Enterprise in time to disable Ru'afo's flagship and beam Picard off of the Son'a collector before it exploded.

Star Trek: Insurrection. Will Riker's last mission aboard the Enterprise -E was during its encounter with Praetor Shinzon in Although Riker was eager to begin his life aboard the Titan with Counselor Troi, he realized how important it was to stop Shinzon and was willing to sacrifice anything in order to prevent him from using his thalaron radiation weapon on Earth.

The Scimitar fought and weakened the Enterprise in the Battle of the Bassen Rift , sending several boarding parties to the ship. Riker and Worf took a security detail to fight off the invading Remans.

The Reman Viceroy entered the Jefferies tubes in an attempt to reach the bridge and kidnap Captain Picard. Riker followed and they fought hand-to-hand, with Riker eventually killing the Viceroy by knocking him down an Enterprise maintenance shaft.

Star Trek Nemesis. Riker was offered several commands during his tenure aboard the Enterprise. He turned down the Aries posting because he felt he was not yet ready to leave the Enterprise and the distinction that the first officer post held.

Many admirals and even Captain Picard felt that he had remained too long on board the Enterprise and should have accepted a command by that point in his career, lest it seem like he was standing still in a sea of upstart officers like Shelby.

Even Riker questioned why he remained as Enterprise first officer, and was unable to understand what kept him from leaving.

Ultimately Riker did not need to make a choice, as he was field-promoted to captain during the encounter with the Borg and the Melbourne was subsequently destroyed at Wolf Although it was believed Riker would have a pick of any command because his decisive leadership was a major factor in the defeat of the Borg, he still elected to remain Enterprise first officer.

By , Riker decided to accept promotion to captain of the USS Titan , assuming command of the ship that year.

Troi also transferred to the Titan. The Titan was dispatched to the Romulan Neutral Zone to serve as the command ship for a diplomatic task force.

As of , retired Admiral Picard still considered Riker a loyal colleague who would not hesitate to join him on a mission if asked.

By that time, Riker had left active service in Starfleet, although he remained in reserve as needed, and settled on the planet Nepenthe.

His house there was protected by shields due to trouble with the Kzinti. He remained married to Deanna Troi and had two children, Thaddeus and Kestra.

Picard soon arrived on Nepenthe later that year with Soji Asha , whom Riker immediately recognized as being an android descended from Data.

As Picard had expected, Riker and Troi both offered to help him without hesitation, opening their home to him and Soji for as long as they needed.

PIC : " Nepenthe ". Shortly afterwards, Riker temporarily left retirement to command the USS Zheng He at the head of a fleet dedicated to helping the residents of Coppelius resist a Zhat Vash attack.

There, he confronted General Nedar , claiming Coppelius under Federation protection, but the Zhat Vash fleet withdrew before a fight could begin due to Soji's destruction of the beacon.

Riker contacted a relieved Picard, explaining that he had returned to help after learning of Picard's SOS in order to help his old friend since he couldn't talk Picard out of his plan.

The Zheng He then withdrew from Coppelius with the rest of the fleet to escort the Romulans from Federation space.

Riker was a jazz aficionado, and his favorite musical instrument was the trombone. Although he was an accomplished player, his skills were not quite up to that of a professional musician TNG : " " and he had trouble with certain pieces, including " Night Bird ".

Riker could also play the piano and taught Amarie , a musician in a bar on Qualor II, some jazz routines when the Enterprise visited the planet in Data performed Irving Berlin 's " Blue Skies " at Riker's wedding to Deanna Troi because of his knowledge of Riker's fondness for "archaic musical forms.

Riker first began playing poker as a junior officer aboard the Potemkin. TNG : " Lower Decks " He became a notoriously good player aboard the Enterprise , participating in most of the ship's weekly poker games and even teaching master classes on the game.

TNG : " Legacy " His poker skills were noted by Captain Picard, and their connection to diplomatic skills was one of the reasons he was selected to replace Mendoza as the Federation representative in the Barzan wormhole negotiations.

In an alternate timeline , Dr. Crusher noted that Riker raised his left eyebrow slightly while bluffing, although she later claimed to be kidding.

Crusher: if any of the men won the hand, she would become a brunette, and if Crusher won, the men would shave their beards. However, the senior staff were called to the bridge before the hand was over.

Riker was skilled in other forms of gambling and won large sums of latinum at the dabo tables in Quark's during an Enterprise visit to Deep Space 9.

Quark claimed he was unable to pay Riker at the time, and later voided the winnings in exchange for information about the whereabouts of the Duras sisters Lursa and B'Etor.

DS9 : " Defiant ". Riker had several sports-related hobbies. TNG : " Clues " He also enjoyed fishing. One of his favorite fishing spots was Curtis Creek , which he recreated in a holoprogram.

Riker was quite skilled at three-dimensional chess , as he used the Queen's gambit coupled with the Aldabren Exchange to defeat the Ferengi Nibor during the closing reception of the biennial Trade Agreements Conference aboard the USS Enterprise -D.

TNG : " Captain's Holiday ", " The Game " Riker also enjoyed dabo, although the beckoning profits did not appear to be the motivating factor.

At Quark's on Deep Space 9 , Lt. Jadzia Dax staked Riker three strips of gold-pressed latinum when his winning-streak ran dry.

He later contacted Quark and traded his unclaimed winnings for information on the Duras sisters. Their wedding party in Alaska included Captain Picard as best man, Dr.

Guinan was also present. Another ceremony, a traditional Betazoid wedding , was planned on Betazed shortly following.

However, that ceremony was delayed when the Enterprise was diverted to Romulus. Because of his fair and decisive command style and his easy-going, affable personality, Riker was popular among the Enterprise -D crew and had friendships with senior staff members as well as junior officers.

Riker was slightly annoyed with Lavelle, claiming he was too eager to please. Later, Counselor Troi suggested that his adversity actually stemmed from the fact that Lavelle was very much like Riker when he himself had been a junior officer.

TNG : " Lower Decks ". Riker had known Geordi La Forge longer than any of the crew, but they didn't become friends until they served on the Enterprise together.

While Dr. Beverly Crusher was head of Starfleet Medical in , Riker was one of the Enterprise officers who made sure Wesley Crusher kept up with his studies and responsibilities aboard the ship.

TNG : " The Child " Riker and Guinan tried to advise Wesley on his relationship with Salia , but their assistance rapidly went off track from its original intention.

TNG : " The Dauphin ". When choosing a first officer prior to the launch of the Enterprise in , Captain Picard nearly passed over Riker's record.

He stopped when he saw the incident with Captain DeSoto and Riker's refusal to allow the captain to beam down.

This was a major factor in Picard's selection of Riker as his first officer. He was impressed that a first officer would challenge a captain's authority out of regard for the safety of the captain and the crew.

When the Enterprise encountered the Borg cube after the massacre at Wolf , Locutus of Borg, being reminded of that trust by Riker, would, though he knew perfectly well it was a lie, at least listen and respond to Riker's attempt to negotiate the circumstances of assimilation, distracting the Borg long enough to locate Locutus on the cube and effect a rescue, eventually using Picard's link to the Collective to destroy the ship in Earth orbit.

Captain Picard was very cold towards Riker during their first meeting and ordered the manual docking as a test of Riker's abilities.

When he performed the docking with great expertise and skill, Picard formally greeted Riker, requesting that his new first officer make sure that he not allow Picard to "make an ass of himself" in front of the many children aboard the ship.

One year later, Picard felt as if he had not done a good job of congratulating Riker, so he did it once more, this time making his feelings clear.

Eventually, Riker and Picard became very good friends. With the best of intentions, Riker suggested that Picard vacation at Risa in , asking him to return a horga'hn.

Picard did not realize the history behind the statue and kept it with him after purchasing it for Riker, making it appear as if the captain was seeking jamaharon.

TNG : " Captain's Holiday ". The only time Riker and Picard ever verbally fought in front of the Enterprise crew was in while under the influence of emotions projected by Ambassador Sarek whom Picard greatly respected , suffering from Bendii Syndrome.

TNG : " Sarek ". Picard tried to counsel Riker when he was offered command of the USS Melbourne in , reminding him that the Enterprise would continue without his presence and that officers like Shelby were very much as he himself had been before he learned the lessons necessary for command of a starship.

In early , members of the Enterprise crew, including Picard, were turned into twelve-year-olds by the effects of a molecular reversion field.

Unfortunately, a group of Ferengi commandeered the Enterprise about that time. Believing Picard to be a child, they confined him to a classroom aboard the ship while Riker was held in the observation lounge.

Picard threw a tantrum and demanded to see his "father," Riker. They pretended to be father and son in order for Picard to plant a suggestive message to Riker, requesting access to the Enterprise main computer from the classroom.

Picard, along with the other affected Enterprise crew members, was able to design a plan to retake the Enterprise from the Ferengi.

During the Pegasus incident of , Picard tried to investigate the circumstances surrounding the ship's disappearance.

He ran into many dead-ends, as most records had been sealed, and had to use many favors in Starfleet Command to even get a look at the findings of the board convened to investigate the loss of the Pegasus.

Riker would not divulge further information under the orders of Admiral Erik Pressman, and Picard reluctantly continued the search. He made it clear to Riker that he hoped he still considered the safety of the Enterprise his top priority, and said that if he found this to be untrue, he would re-evaluate his trust in Riker.

After the crisis was resolved, Picard visited Riker in the brig and returned him to duty aboard the Enterprise , understanding Riker's mistake in the past and satisfied that he had made the correct decisions in the present.

Picard served as Riker's best man during his wedding to Deanna Troi in He gave a toast to Riker, calling him his "trusted right arm" for the previous fifteen years and lamenting his loss of a fine first officer.

While aboard the Enterprise , Picard generally referred to Riker as " Number One ", a nickname he used for his first officer.

Worf considered Riker one of his closest friends, despite their vastly different personalities. Riker was one of the only Humans who participated in Worf's brutally violent holodeck calisthenics program.

He tried to make Worf realize that this gesture of goodwill might be the first step toward healing the differences between their peoples.

TNG : " The Enemy ". Worf asked Riker to assist him in the hegh'bat , a Klingon ritual suicide, following his spinal cord injury in Riker was appalled by the request, feeling that Worf's life was still worth living and that suicide would be an insult to all of their comrades who had struggled for life up until their death.

He researched the tradition before coming to Worf with his decision. He found that the hegh'bat was generally practiced with the oldest son, and then left it up to Worf to ask his young son Alexander Rozhenko to help.

Worf was unable to ask Alexander to participate in the ritual, and later decided to attempt a risky surgery involving the genetronic replicator.

TNG : " Ethics ". Despite his discomfort with the androgynous nature of the J'naii , Worf helped Riker during his mission to rescue Soren , realizing how important Soren was to Riker.

TNG : " The Outcast ". Riker also liked to good-naturedly rib Worf, who was notorious for his lack of a sense of humor. This would be proven correct as Worf would only glare or growl in response to Riker's antics.

During the Iyaaran visit in , Riker jokingly chastised Worf for thinking the dress uniform was too feminine and weak-looking, later telling Worf he thought he looked good in a dress.

Riker encouraged Alexander's love of jazz music by giving him several recordings. Worf, however, was not a fan.

TNG : " Phantasms ". Riker wanted to give Worf a surprise party for his birthday in , but Deanna Troi talked him out of it.

TNG : " Parallels ". In late , Worf began dating Deanna Troi, which placed some strain on his relationship with Riker despite Worf's best efforts to prevent it.

TNG : " Eye of the Beholder ". Riker first met Data on the Enterprise holodeck in Data was trying to whistle " Pop Goes the Weasel ," but could not finish the last few notes.

Riker helped him finish, later giving Data the nickname " Pinocchio " in reference to Data's wish to become Human. Riker later recalled this incident fondly during Data's wake, although he was unable to remember the song Data was whistling.

Star Trek Nemesis At first Riker was skeptical about Data's abilities as a machine, assuming that his rank of lieutenant commander was merely honorary, although Data had earned the rank as much as any other Starfleet officer of the same rank and above.

In , Data's status as a sentient individual came into question. A trial was set on Starbase , but the base lacked a complete legal staff.

As Enterprise first officer, Riker was forced to act as attorney for Bruce Maddox and was given the difficult task of convincing Judge Phillipa Louvois that as an android , Data was not sentient.

He very nearly proved that Data was a simple machine by deactivating him, but Picard's defense later made Louvois grant Data complete rights as a sentient being.

Riker was distressed over the incident and felt terrible that he nearly cost Data his rights. Data did not hold any ill will towards Riker, though, and was actually grateful that Riker participated, for if he had not, the ruling would have been a default in Maddox's favor.

He assured Riker that he would not forget that the actions the commander found so upsetting had saved his life. Riker was also well aware of the fondness the rest of the crew felt for Data.

In , after Data's apparent death in a shuttlecraft explosion while ferrying hytritium , a compound too unstable for transporter use , upon seeing La Forge's furious refusal to accept that Data himself might have been responsible for the accident, Riker told Picard that, for someone incapable of feeling emotions, he was quite capable of bringing them out in others.

Soon afterward he accidentally brought about Data's recovery, as it was Riker's suspicions — that since the hytritium, needed to purge tricyanate from the water on Beta Agni II , did so in seconds rather than hours, the water must have been poisoned — which launched an investigation of Kivas Fajo , who had provided the hytritium in exactly the amount needed.

Upon learning of Fajo's status as a collector, the crew, deducing that their friend's death had been faked, quickly tracked down Fajo's ship and returned Data to the Enterprise.

Data sought Riker's help and advice on several occasions. One instance was when he asked for Riker's advice on friendship and betrayal following a mission involving Ishara Yar in TNG : " In Theory ".

Will saw his father Kyle Riker for the first time in fifteen years when he came aboard the Enterprise to brief him on the USS Aries command.

The two remained adversarial, despite Kyle's wish to heal any wounds before Riker departed on his mission.

Pulaski, an old flame of Kyle's, told Will about Kyle's bravery following the Tholian attack and suggested that the time had come to resolve their conflict.

Will and Kyle decided to settle their differences with a match of anbo-jytsu, at which time Will discovered that Kyle had been cheating since Will was twelve.

The activity allowed them to vent the tension and have an actual conversation about their true feelings, which they had never done. Kyle finally told Will that he loved him before returning to Starbase Montgomery.

The Enterprise was sent to Nervala IV in late when the atmospheric disturbances began to subside.

Riker led an away team to the surface, and discovered his duplicate, later known as Thomas Riker. The two quickly clashed over various issues, including Tom's resistance to direct orders and his attempts to rekindle a relationship with Deanna Troi.

Tom felt that Will was the one who had benefited from his misery of being stuck on the planet for eight years. After working together to retrieve log files from the station computers and saving one another's lives, they began to accept one another.

By , Tom had resigned his post to join the Maquis. Riker spent the night with Mistress Beata during his mission to Angel I in , presenting her with an Albeni meditation crystal.

She was fascinated by his strength and power, traits which were not abundant in the males of her world. Riker donned the traditional clothing of the planet, drawing snickers from Counselor Troi and Lieutenant Natasha Yar.

The Bynars created a holographic woman named Minuet to distract Riker while they hijacked the Enterprise -D in Riker found her convincingly real and was disappointed when her program was lost after the Bynars left the ship.

TNG : " " Her image was used by Barash 's holosimulators to create a wife for Riker in the illusory future he experienced in , making Riker realize the deception.

Ambassador Lwaxana Troi entered the Betazoid phase in When she visited the Enterprise , she set her sights on several male crewmembers as potential mates, including Riker.

She announced their "wedding" on the bridge of the Enterprise shortly before moving on to Captain Picard.

TNG : " Manhunt ". Riker was romantically linked to the Bringloidi colonist Brenna Odell , but the relationship was limited to her brief stay aboard the ship in The Enterprise worked to reunite the Gatherers with their Acamarian home in Riker became involved with one of Sovereign Marouk 's aides, Yuta.

Yuta was actually a Tralesta who had been genetically altered to deliver a microvirus to members of another clan, the Lornak , which the Tralestas had fought centuries earlier.

The last Lornak , Chorgan , was now leader of the Gatherers, and Yuta attempted to assassinate him. Crusher later discovered Yuta's true nature, and Riker was forced to kill her in order to prevent Chorgan's death.

Riker returned from shore leave in late and saw Data's "daughter" Lal in Ten Forward. He did not realize that she was an android, and flirted with her.

Lal immediately picked Riker up and planted a kiss on his lips, copying behavior she had observed earlier. When Data asked Riker what his intentions were with his daughter, Riker hastily left, embarrassed and confused.

TNG : " The Offspring ". Will and Deanna are retired from Starfleet although Will describes his status as being on "active reserve.

In that episode, Riker has been reinstated to active duty. He is the commanding officer of the USS Zheng He , the lead ship in a Starfleet squadron sent to the planet Coppelius to protect its inhabitants from imminent Romulan attack.

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Jonathan Frakes uncredited. Festival's M. William Riker voice. David Xanatos voice. Show all 9 episodes.

Show all 34 episodes. William Riker - Death Wish William Riker. Tim Lake.

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Der Captain und Commander Riker sind bestimmt in Gefahr. Registrieren Einloggen. Cmdr Riker is willing to sit through all your prattle. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. We will prepare for your arrival, Cmdr Riker. Bellefonte , Pennsylvania , Vereinigte Staaten.

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Commander Riker

James Frakes und Doris Yingling in Pennsylvania geboren und Mad Max Stream German dort auf. I'm sure Cmdr Riker will be able to explain. Commander Riker wird annehmen, dass wir ihn analysieren. Commander Riker go here board the Enterprise. Cmdr William Riker. Jonathan Frakes wurde als Continue reading von Dr. Commander Riker will assume we Klussmann Sebastian made this analysis and knowing that we know his methods he will alter. Ergebnisse: Schau dir unsere Auswahl an commander riker an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für. PlayMates Star Trek 9" Inch Figur Commander William Riker - Star Trek Insurrection: Spielzeug. Commander William Riker in Second Season Uniform - Actionfigur - Star Trek The Next Generation von Playmates: Spielzeug. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Commander Riker“ in Deutsch-Englisch von Reverso Context: Commander Riker, zum Quartier des Captains. Jonathan Frakes & Patrick Stewart mit Star Trek wieder vereint: Commander Riker dreht für die Picard-Serie. Commander Riker Frakes Clipfish Ab der einzige Schauspieler, der in fünf verschiedenen Star Trek-Serien auftrat, und bei ebenso vielen auch als Regisseur tätig war. Cmdr Riker is willing to sit through all your source. Commander Riker on board the Enterprise. Neben verschiedenen Folgen anderer Click here Roswell click er den Kinofilm Clockstoppers und die Realverfilmung des Supermarionation -Klassikers Thunderbirdsdie beide aber wenig erfolgreich waren. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

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