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Gaara ist eine fiktive Figur in der Naruto-Manga- und Anime-Serie von Masashi Kishimoto. Gaara wurde ursprünglich als Antagonist eingeführt und ist ein mit Sunagakure verbundener Shinobi. Er ist der Sohn von Sunagakures Anführer, dem vierten. Gaaras Mutter starb bei seiner Geburt, da Gaaras Vater Chiyo befohlen hatte, Shukaku in Gaara zu bannen, um einen mächtigen Shinobi zu erschaffen, der. Aussehen. Gaaras Aussehen im Vierten Ninjaweltkrieg. Gaara ist aufgrund seiner frühen Geburt nur ,1 cm groß. Gaara. Gaara (我爱羅, Gaara) é um shinobi de Sunagakure. O Shukaku foi selado. Gaara ist ein Charakter aus dem Anime»Naruto«und aus dem Manga»Naruto: Gaara Hiden - Sajingensou«. Beschreibung: Das Wort Liebe auf der Stirn.


Gaara (auch: Gaara aus der Wüste - "Sabaku no Gaara", 砂漠の我愛羅) ist ein Shinobi aus Sunagakure und ist der Sohn des Yondaime zekage sowie dessen. - Erkunde Gaarafangirl03s Pinnwand „Gaara❤❤❤❤❤“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Gaara, Naruto bilder, Naruto. Gaaras Mutter starb bei seiner Geburt, da Gaaras Vater Chiyo befohlen hatte, Shukaku in Gaara zu bannen, um einen mächtigen Shinobi zu erschaffen, der. von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "gaara". - Erkunde NekoKimis Pinnwand „Gaara | Naruto“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Gaara, Naruto und Naruto bilder. Gaara (auch: Gaara aus der Wüste - "Sabaku no Gaara", 砂漠の我愛羅) ist ein Shinobi aus Sunagakure und ist der Sohn des Yondaime zekage sowie dessen. - Erkunde Gaarafangirl03s Pinnwand „Gaara❤❤❤❤❤“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Gaara, Naruto bilder, Naruto. Having been trained since infancy as Suna's "ultimate weapon", Continue reading was exceptionally see more even as a child, effortlessly killing the countless assassins sent England Russland Em Gaara of the shinobi from Diana Herold villages Two Tickets fighting over past grudges, See more uses his sand to break them up. Gaara points out how effective the Sand Waterfall Funeral is at eliminating all traces of Metoro and once more repeats that he can't let Hakuto and Shigezane abandon Suna. Rasa reveals the truth to Gaara that uncle's final action was his doing and that the truth that Gaara's mother always loved him, moving Gaara to tears after learning his mother's will is the force behind his sand. Cela empirait lors des demandes occasionnelles de Shukaku pour du sang pour satisfaire sa Thrones Game Lannister Of, Gaara devenant alors impitoyable, comme quand il tua Baiu et Midare en ignorant leurs supplications. Kategorien Spongebob Der Film. Yashamarus Worte, dass niemand Gaara jemals geliebt hätte, änderten diesen grundlegend. Das einzige, was sich link der Handlung nicht geändert hat, sind seine Diana Herold. Dieses fügte er sich selbst zu, um zu symbolisieren, dass er geliebt wurde. In diesem Kampf wurde Gaara zum click here Mal so verletzt, link er blutet.

By emerging from the form and putting himself to sleep , Gaara can transfer control of the body to Shukaku itself. Gaara is a sharp and innovative fighter.

His large array of sand-based jutsu are crafted by and unique to him. He was acknowleged as the "Golden Egg" by the Second Mizukage due to his high intelligence.

He also displayed a mastery in deception, as he was able to trap several powerful opponents in various occasions. Sasuke Uchiha is impressed by Gaara and asks his name; Gaara is impressed by Sasuke and asks the same of him.

After they exchange names, Gaara and his siblings depart. The proctor, Ibiki Morino , though he notices that Gaara must be cheating, can't actually tell what he's doing and is therefore deeply impressed.

Because neither he nor his siblings are caught cheating, they advance to the second stage. For the second stage, Gaara and his siblings enter the Forest of Death with the task of collecting a set of two scrolls, one of which they are given and the other of which they must take from another team.

They encounter Team Shigure first and, despite not knowing which scroll they have, Gaara insists on fighting them. He quickly kills Shigure with his Sand Waterfall Funeral , prompting Shigure's teammates to surrender their scroll in exchange for their lives.

Gaara kills them too and makes to also kill the members of Team 8 , who are secretly watching. They ultimately reach the centre of the forest with the two scrolls they need in a record-breaking one hour and thirty-seven minutes.

Moreover, Gaara doesn't get so much as a speck of dust on his clothes, something the proctors remark is nearly impossible even for more experienced ninja.

In the preliminary rounds, Gaara is matched against Rock Lee. With encouragement from his instructor, Might Guy , Lee removes the ankle weights he wears, therefore making him faster than the Shield of Sand and allowing him to hit Gaara, the first person to ever do so.

Lee lands several additional blows, causing Gaara's Armour of Sand to start chipping away, exposing an excited expression beneath.

With Guy's permission, Lee attacks Gaara with Front Lotus , but during a brief spasm of pain Gaara is able to escape and attack Lee with his sand.

Lee fends off the attack and counters with his strongest move: Reverse Lotus. However, he is able to use his sand gourd as a cushion for the attack, therefore avoiding any noticeable damage.

Lee, however, has difficulty moving afterwards and is left at Gaara's mercy, who uses his sand to crush Lee's arm and leg.

Guy intervenes, and from seeing Guy's concern for Lee - an emotion Gaara doesn't understand - Gaara opts to leave Lee alone. Gaara is declared the winner and, after the preliminaries conclude, he is informed that his first opponent in the finals taking place in a month will be Sasuke Uchiha.

That night, Gaara is attacked by Dosu Kinuta , another finalist who wants to kill Sasuke himself. Gaara briefly transforms into Shukaku and kills Dosu.

Once the invasion starts, Gaara is to transform into Shukaku and attack the village from within while Suna and Oto's forces invade.

The day before the finals, Gaara tracks down Lee at the Konoha Hospital and attempts to kill him, but he is found and stopped by Shikamaru Nara and Naruto Uzumaki.

Gaara isn't intimidated by their superior numbers and threatens to kill them too, explaining that it is by killing others, particularly those who are strong, that he asserts his own existence.

He briefly explains his past and how he came to arrive at this motivation for living, which convinces Naruto that they can't beat Gaara.

Guy interrupts them before a fight can break out and Gaara is forced to withdraw. Gaara is eager to fight Sasuke, having noticed that Sasuke, like himself, is driven by hate and who may therefore be the greatest challenge Gaara has ever faced; by killing Sasuke, Gaara's reason for living would be indisputable.

However, Sasuke does not show up for their match on time and, when he does finally arrive, Gaara is on edge. Midori and Shiba intercept Gaara as he heads down to the arena to face Sasuke and ask him to take a fall in the fight; Gaara kills them without warning, briefly slaking his bloodlust.

His fight with Sasuke starts and Gaara is surprised to find Sasuke's speed and movements are almost identical to Lee's and, as such, bypass his defences in much the same way.

Gaara surrounds himself with sand so that Sasuke's punches and kicks can't disturb him as he prepares to transform into Shukaku. However, Sasuke pierces through the sand with his Chidori , injuring Gaara's arm.

Gaara is frightened to see his own blood for the first time and cancels the transformation. Main article: Konoha Crush Gaara is so unnerved by his injury that he is unable to participate as planned in the invasion of Konoha when it begins in the middle of his fight with Sasuke.

As they carry Gaara away from Konoha they are confronted by Sasuke, who wants to finish their fight. Gaara transforms his right arm into Shukaku's, who has been causing Gaara ongoing discomfort because of the earlier cancelled transformation.

When Sasuke is able to counter Gaara's increased speed and strength with another Chidori, Gaara manifests Shukaku's tail. Sasuke counters this too, but is left unable to move afterwards.

Gaara is stopped from killing Sasuke by the arrival of Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto doesn't recognise Gaara at first, but when he does he attempts to retreat.

Startled by this, Gaara binds her to a tree with his sand. Because Naruto can't break Sakura free, he decides to stay and fight so that he can save her and Sasuke.

Gaara advances his transformation yet again and attacks with Sand Shuriken , hoping to draw out the same surprising power that Naruto displayed during his earlier match in the finals.

Naruto endures several rounds of attacks and even tries attacking Gaara's un-transformed quarters with One Thousand Years of Death , but is ultimately forced to tap into his power source to create hundreds of shadow clones.

The clones' onslaught surprises and overwhelms him, forcing him to fully transform into Shukaku. Gamabunta uses his sword to cut off one of his transformation's arms, exciting Gaara.

Because of how strong Naruto has proven to be, Gaara puts himself to sleep to transfer control of his body to Shukaku. After prolonged fighting, Gamabunta is able to get Naruto close enough to punch Gaara and wake him up, suppressing Shukaku.

Gaara forces Naruto away with his sand, but Naruto quickly strikes again. Gaara is able to restrain Naruto's arms and legs, but Naruto is able to head-butt him, doing enough damage to force the release of the Shukaku transformation.

Both Gaara and Naruto are exhausted from the fight, but have enough energy for one last exchange. They leap at each other and Naruto punches Gaara again, claiming victory.

Naruto and Gaara fall to the ground, unable to move. Gaara can't comprehend how Naruto can be so strong and is troubled by what this loss means for his existence.

When Naruto starts crawling towards him, Gaara screams at him to stay away. Naruto, however, only sympathises with Gaara, having had a childhood that was just as lonely as Gaara's was.

However, Naruto was able to find friends like Sasuke and Sakura, and for their companionship he will do anything to protect them, even if that means he has to kill Gaara.

Gaara is amazed that Naruto's strength derives from his love for his friends and admits defeat. Main article: Sasuke Recovery Mission.

After the invasion of Konoha ends in failure, Konoha and Suna becomes allies, both having been wronged by Orochimaru.

As a sign of this alliance, Konoha later requests Suna's help in stopping Sasuke from defecting to Orochimaru.

On arrival, Gaara remarks that Lee is slower than when they last met, which Lee indicates to be because the injuries he received from Gaara were very severe.

Gaara feels guilty about this and insists on fighting Kimimaro by himself so that Lee doesn't risk further injury.

After blocking several of Kimimaro's attacks, Gaara catches him with his sand and uses Sand Waterfall Funeral on him. Gaara therefore increases the scale, blanketing Kimimaro and the surrounding area with sand and then using Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral.

Kimimaro survives yet again, this time by advancing his cursed seal to its second level. The transformation allows him to outpace Gaara's sand and restrain Gaara with his spine.

Gaara congratulates Kimimaro for his performance and states his regrets that someone so talented is about to die.

Kimimaro states his willingness to give his life if it is in service to Orochimaru. Gaara decides Kimimaro has been brainwashed and uses his sand to drag him deep underground.

While they start discussing their apparent victory, Kimimaro emerges behind them and insists that he is not brainwashed. Kimimaro dies of a preexisting illness before he can land an attack.

Afterwards, Gaara muses that Kimimaro was somewhat similar to Naruto in that both would stop at nothing to protect what was precious to them, even if that precious thing was itself evil.

Most of the Academy students still fear Gaara and avoid him during their lesson on ninja weaponry. Matsuri , however, is curious about him and asks to train with him.

Matsuri and Gaara get along well, prompting the Four Celestial Symbols Men to kidnap her in order to get to him.

Suna requests Konoha's help in rescuing her, for which the entire Konoha 11 is sent. To escape, Gaara does a partial Shukaku transformation, which in the process revives Seimei.

Gaara stops the transformation and later destroys Seimei's armour with a Spear of Shukaku and kills him with a Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral.

He goes to Konoha to rest and, once he's recovered, returns to Suna with his siblings and Matsuri. At some point over the next two years, Gaara becomes Suna's Fifth Kazekage.

His reason for pursuing the office is twofold: to show the villagers that he is no longer the fearsome weapon he once was, and so that, by protecting the entire village, he can gain the same kind of strength as Naruto has.

In the anime, Gaara does away with several antiquated policies, such as one that bars anyone who can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu from entering the Academy.

This allows Shira , who excels in taijutsu , to become a Suna-nin; Shira later trains Gaara in taijutsu.

Publicly, the exam will demonstrate the alliance that now exists between their two villages. Gaara agrees, believing this will also be a good way to prove himself to his dissenters in Suna.

Gaara presides over the start of the second stage of the exams, held in Suna's Demon Desert. During the second stage, sandstorms start rampaging across the Demon Desert.

Gaara secretly gets away from his guards to go into the desert to rescue Team Matsuri. Gaara then thanks Neji and Matsuri for their help.

Fugi is surprised by this response as well as Gaara's forgiveness for his actions. He informs the remaining participants that reports on their performance will be sent to their superiors, who will then decide if they are to be promoted.

Main article: Kazekage Rescue Mission. Two-and-a-half years after the end of Part I, the Suna Council discusses reports from Jiraiya of Konoha about Akatsuki 's likely imminent activity.

Because Akatsuki will undoubtedly come after Gaara because of the One-Tailed Shukaku sealed within him, Suna places its borders under heavy guard.

While working in his office later, Gaara looks out the window and sees a non-native bird flying in the sky.

Guessing it's an intruder, Gaara confronts the bird's rider: Deidara of Akastuki. Gaara attacks Deidara with the sand surrounding Suna and at the same time uses his personal supply of sand to defend against Deidara's Explosive Clay.

Gaara uses his personal sand to crush Deidara's left arm, prompting him to drop his C3 on Suna. Gaara defends the village with his Air Sand Protective Wall and narrowly blocks another set of Deidara's C1 explosives.

As he regroups within his Shield of Sand , he discovers that Deidara has managed to sneak some explosives into his personal supply of sand, which detonate at point-blank-range.

Before he loses consciousness, Gaara moves the sand he's been using during the fight away from Suna so that it won't fall on the villagers.

Deidara captures him and takes him back to an Akatsuki lair, where for three days Akatsuki's members extract Shukaku from Gaara's body. As the extraction nears completion, Gaara sees a lonely vision of himself that he is increasingly unable to recognise.

Gaara dies when Shukaku is removed from his body. Naruto and his team are able to retrieve him from Akatsuki, but they can't revive him conventionally.

Chiyo trades her life for Gaara's, her way of apologising for sealing Shukaku into Gaara in the first place. As life returns to him, Gaara sees a vision of himself, once alone and unknowable, befriended by Naruto.

He wakes up to find himself not only surrounded by Naruto and his team, but also his siblings and the dozens of other Suna-nin that have been tirelessly trying to find and rescue him.

When he learns what Chiyo did for him, Gaara forces himself to stand and requests that everyone pray for her.

They attend Chiyo's funeral a few days later and, before Naruto and his team leaves, Gaara uses his sand to shake Naruto's hand in place of saying goodbye.

Gaara is confident they'll be able to rebuild since they have Naruto, and recalls when Team 7 helped him deal with the Suna Assassin Captain.

Main article: Five Kage Summit. Once the Kage are all together, Gaara opens the proceedings by discussing his own experiences with Akatsuki and his previous efforts to collaborate with the other Kage, efforts that only the Fifth Hokage helped with.

The other Kage offer their own excuses for why they didn't help, but the Fourth Raikage's accusation that the current Kage and their predecessors employed Akatsuki stands out.

Gaara is disgusted by the news, which the Third Tsuchikage argues he can't understand simply because he's too young. Zetsu interrupts the Summit with news that Sasuke Uchiha , who has been collaborating with Akatsuki, has infiltrated the Summit.

The Fourth Raikage goes off to find Sasuke, and the other Kage bicker while he's gone. Gaara becomes pessimistic that the Kage will be able to work together since his peers seem too willing to give up, qualities that he, because of Naruto's influence, cannot respect.

Gaara leaves to meet with Sasuke, arriving in time to stop him and the Raikage from injuring each other too badly. While the Raikage's wounds are treated, Gaara speaks with Sasuke, remarking that he possesses the same hate that drove him the last time they met.

Gaara uses his own experience with hate to advise Sasuke to turn back while he still can, as no good can come from his present actions.

Sasuke refuses. Sasuke uses Susanoo to defend himself and destroy the room to cover his escape. Gaara uses his sand to protect the others and they pursue Sasuke back to the Summit room, arriving in time to see him teleported to safety by Tobi , the leader of Akatsuki.

Tobi explains his Eye of the Moon Plan to those in attendance and requests that the Kage surrender Naruto and Killer B to him to complete the plan.

Gaara and the other Kage refuse, prompting Tobi to declare the start of the Fourth Shinobi World War before departing.

Gaara recommends Kakashi Hatake , who the other Kage agree with. Gaara tells them all that happened at the Summit, including what Sasuke did.

Gaara emphasises to Naruto that the approaching war will be fought to defend Naruto and that, if Sasuke chooses to side with Akatsuki, Gaara will fight him in order to keep Naruto safe.

He states his opinion that Sasuke can no longer be saved from himself and that, if Naruto truly wants to be Hokage someday, he will need to accept the same conclusion.

However, before leaving he also advises that Naruto at least figures out for himself what can be done for Sasuke. Akatsuki later finds Naruto and B on the Island Turtle and Gaara volunteers to go there to provide additional security, but the Kage decide to send the Tsuchikage instead.

Gaara is made commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces' Fourth Division , as well as the commander-in-chief of all the other combat divisions.

When some of the shinobi from different villages start fighting over past grudges, Gaara uses his sand to break them up.

He then delivers a speech to the assembled forces, asking that they set aside the factors that once set them apart and focus on what now unifies them: stopping Akatsuki.

The Allies are inspired by his words and mobilise for battle; Gaara leads his Fourth Division to the border of the Land of Lightning.

There, Gaara scatters his Sand Sensing around the area so that he can detect any approach by Akatsuki's forces.

Seeing them with his Third Eye , Gaara calls for backup. The Third Tsuchikage is sent to provide assistance, but they avoid combat until the second day of the war.

Once they're ready, Gaara launches the first attack with his sand, which Rasa counters with his gold dust.

When Rasa sees Gaara, he is surprised to find that Gaara has not transformed into Shukaku, having assumed he had based on the amount of sand he was controlling.

Gaara informs him that Shukaku was removed from his body, but that his life was saved by the many friends he's made in his capacity as Kazekage; he adds that, as Kazekage, he now understands all of Rasa's attempts to assassinate him and forgives him.

Rasa finds this all very strange and asks that Gaara fight him so that he can see how Gaara has grown.

After several exchanges, Gaara surrounds Rasa and the other Kage with sand, which takes the form of Gaara's mother, Karura.

Gaara is surprised to see his mother. Rasa, accepting defeat, explains that the sand that has always protected him was not Shukaku's doing but rather his mother's, because she loved Gaara from the moment he was born.

Gaara cries at the news and Rasa apologises for not being as good a parent to Gaara as his mother was. Gaara places sealing tags on the Kage's sand confinements, but all except Rasa escape.

Gaara angrily questions Naruto about his presence on the battlefield and his new Nine-Tails Chakra Mode , but Naruto assures him that he knows what he's doing and he should not treat him like child just because he's Kazekage.

When the Mizukage is repeatedly able to neutralise his sand, Gaara admits this is apparently true. Because the Mizukage is protected by a genjutsu , Gaara uses his sand to locate the giant clam casting it so that the Tsuchikage can destroy it.

The Mizukage immediately attacks the Tsuchikage, forcing Gaara to save him with a sand clone. Gaara then tries to capture the Mizukage with his Desert Layered Imperial Funeral , which the Mizukage escapes from by using an explosive clone.

Gaara is able to capture the Mizukage in his sand again, but the clone keeps interrupting before the seal can be completed. Although the Mizukage has repeatedly given them pointers about how to defeat him, he decides not to help them defeat the clone, believing they now need to prove themselves.

Gaara uses his sand to protect the Fourth Division from the clone's attacks and then tries to attack the clone with his sand, but the clone is too fast.

In order to slow it down, Gaara secretly adds some of Rasa's gold dust to his sand which, when heated up by the clone's body, acts as the perfect restraint.

Naruto's shadow clone, having defeated the Third Raikage, comes to join Gaara and the Mizukage, seeing them both, remarks that they make a good pair.

Gaara seals the Mizukage and reports their victory to the Allied headquarters. Madara starts attacking the Fourth Division and Gaara, the Tsuchikage, and Naruto's shadow clone team up against him.

Their combination is effective enough to force Madara to activate his Rinnegan , which he then uses to drop a meteorite upon the Fourth Division.

Gaara orders that the Fourth Division evacuate and uses his sand to help the Tsuchikage stop the meteorite.

Madara responds by dropping a meteorite, which they're not able to stop. Gaara's sand protects him from serious injury, but the Tsuchikage and the rest of the Fourth Division are badly hurt.

Naruto's shadow clone tries facing Madara alone, but the prolonged fighting has left it exhausted. Gaara and the Tsuchikage join him, as do the other three Kage, having all teleported to the battlefield to help.

Confident they can defeat him, they tell Naruto's shadow clone to entrust Madara to them and to go defeat Tobi elsewhere.

Although they outnumber Madara, the Kage struggle against him; Gaara uses Desert Suspension to keep the Kage out of range of Madara's attacks and Desert Layered Imperial Funeral whenever an opportunity to try and seal Madara presents itself.

Their attacks consistently fail and Madara, in order to make things "fair", creates twenty-five wood clones , five for each of the Kage to fight.

The wood clones each use Susanoo and fight the Kage into the night. Despite the superior forces against them, the Kage are able to combine forces against the original Madara, impressing him enough to use Susanoo's "Complete Body" form.

Before he can use it to destroy the Kage, the Impure World Reincarnation is released and Madara's soul starts returning to the Pure Land.

Madara removes the Impure World Reincarnation's user's control over him, thus allowing him to stay. Now free to do what he wants, Madara decides he's lost interest in the Kage and states his intentions to go after Naruto.

The Kage try to stop him and thus fulfil their promise to Naruto, but Madara defeats them all and leaves them near death.

Orochimaru and members of Taka eventually locate the Hokage, and by helping her heal herself she is able to heal the other Kage.

Once they've recovered, Gaara uses his sand to transport the Kage to where the Allied Forces are fighting; Katsuyu informs them of what's been happening up until now.

On arrival, the Kage rally the surviving forces against the recreation of the God Tree. After Naruto is able to destabilise the tailed beasts' chakra sealed within Tobi, Gaara latches onto Shukaku's chakra and pulls it free.

With Obito defeated, the Allied Forces head off to fight Madara, the only remaining threat. Gaara requests that Shukaku help him seal Madara.

Shukaku is uninterested until Gaara suggests that he'll ask another tailed beast, at which point Shukaku decides to help.

Once he's down, Gaara and Shukaku combine efforts to create a bigger and stronger Desert Layered Imperial Funeral, which Madara escapes using his Susanoo.

Madara returns once he obtains one of his Rinnegan and starts sealing the tailed beasts into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path.

Gaara tries to prevent Shukaku from being sealed using Desert: Hand , his way of thanking Shukaku for enabling him to meet Naruto all those years ago.

Madara attacks him in order to stop him, which Shukaku blocks so as to preserve its title as Gaara's "absolute defence". Despite Gaara's efforts, the tailed beasts - including those sealed in B and Naruto - are successfully sealed.

In its final moments, the Nine-Tails within Naruto communicates to Gaara how to save Naruto's life: have the Nine-Tails' chakra sealed within the reincarnated Minato Namikaze transferred to Naruto.

Gaara starts carrying Naruto to Minato, but his life is rapidly fading. Gaara takes him to the Fifth Hokage so she can provide medical assistance, but she sends Sakura Haruno instead.

While Sakura performs emergency life support on Naruto, Gaara carries them to Minato and, on finding him, tells him what the Nine-Tails told him.

Gaara and Minato team up to try and stop Black Zetsu from giving the Nine-Tails to Madara, but they are easily repelled.

Because Guy only has a limited amount of time, Gaara helps Kakashi create an opening in Madara's defences by carrying him closer so that he can use Kamui on some of Madara's Truth-Seeking Balls.

Guy is able to successfully attack Madara, but Madara survives and Guy is unable to keep fighting. When Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha join the battle, Gaara carries Guy to safety so that he isn't harmed in the crossfire.

Despite Naruto and Sasuke's efforts, they are unable to stop Madara from casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi , trapping the world in a dream.

Gaara dreams that he has a happy childhood in Suna with his parents, siblings, and Yashamaru and where he gets to play with Naruto everyday.

In the anime, Gaara and A travel to Konoha on the day of Kakashi's inauguration, and thank Naruto for his efforts during the war.

Gaara and the other Kage visit the Blood Prison to interview her and see if she is suitable for the responsibilities.

They approve of her after she humiliates the Fourth Raikage in a fight. She confides her concerns about Shikamaru's recent behaviour, which has been cold and distant.

They both assume that he's on some mission for Konoha that is to be kept a secret. Although Gaara would ordinarily be content to leave it at that, he remarks that Shikamaru is too important to the Shinobi Union 's future and thus gives Temari any resource she requires to find out what Shikamaru is up to.

After visiting Konoha, Temari learns that Shikamaru has gone missing during a mission in the Land of Silence.

Gaara and a force of Suna-nin join her, Naruto, and some of Shikamaru's other friends from Konoha in going to rescue him. When they arrive after several days of travel, Gaara instructs his men to not kill any of the Land of Silence's Enlightened Ones if they can avoid it; although there are some injuries, nobody is killed.

Shikamaru thanks Gaara for his help afterwards and Gaara once again insists that it was in the Shinobi Union's best interests to do so.

However, Gaara promptly returns to Suna with all of his men except for Temari, leaving her behind to talk to Shikamaru.

Main article: The Last: Naruto the Movie. A few days after returning to Suna, meteors start falling on the village and Gaara uses his sand to protect the villagers.

With the crisis becoming dire, the Kage contact each other and decide that the Moon must be destroyed. When the Sixth Hokage later reports that Naruto is on the moon, Gaara and the other Kage decide to delay the Moon's destruction to give Naruto a chance to save them.

When the Anbu are about to raid the compound, Gaara accompanies them and observes the man with his Third Eye. His appearance and chakra signature are identical to Sasuke's but the man speaks of wanting to destroy Konoha, which Gaara does not believe Sasuke would do.

He and his Anbu attack the compound, but the lookalike escapes. Gaara tells all this to Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka while they visit Suna a few days later; like them, he believes that the man was not really Sasuke.

In order to prevent unsubstantiated rumours from spreading, Gaara asks that they tell the Sixth Hokage about this.

Upon arriving in the village, Gaara wonders what to give Naruto for a wedding gift. After the meeting, the three return to Suna.

Ten days later, the Sixth Hokage visits the village and requests that Suna shinobi guard Konoha on the day of the wedding, to which Gaara agrees.

Main article: Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage Gaara has a routine meeting with the Suna Council and reports recent events in and relating to the village before then allowing the Council to make requests of him.

Normally their requests are minor and petty, and for that reason Gaara is surprised when the councillors request that he get married.

Le fait qu'il puisse utiliser cette nature de chakra seul ou avec l'aide de Shukaku est actuellement inconnu.

Gaara l'abattit avec l'aide du pouvoir de Shukaku. Sur le point de rendez-vous, Gaara avec deux ninjas novices de Suna , Korobi et Yaoki , rencontra les ninjas de Konoha.

Le clone se jeta alors sur la division de Gaara et explosa en vapeur d'eau. Il se dirigea sur le Mizukage mais le clone se jeta sur Gaara.

Mais Madara contracta le Rinnegan et absorba la salve. Madara arriva et leurs dit qu'ils dansaient bien mais qu'ils firent des pas trop superficiels.

Madara se retrouva dans les airs, entre le poing de A et le coup de pied de Tsunade et se fit repousser beaucoup plus loin.

Madara regretta Hashirama en voyant la faiblesse de Kage. Gaara fut vaincu par Madara comme tous les autres Kage.

Sans perdre de temps, les Kage rejoignent la bataille. Kumomaru avait des cheveux en bataille et portait une cape en lambeaux.

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Fourth Kazekage Try To Kill Gaara, Childhood of Jiraiya, Gaara, Shikamaru, Kakashi Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2. Gaara seals Mizukage and reports their victory to the Allied headquarters. Madara attacks him in amusing Serien Stream KпїЅLn 50667 remarkable to stop him, which Shukaku blocks so as to preserve its title as Gaara's "absolute defence". Gaara shared the other Kage's belief that this should be kept a secret to avoid panic. However, he is able to use his sand gourd as a cushion for the attack, therefore Gaara any noticeable damage. Continue reading doing so, he was attacked by one of Suna's Anbuwho he fatally wounded with his sand. Als wenig später Madara Visit web page auf dem Click erscheint, kämpfen Gaara und die Shinobi auch gegen diesen. Zum Glück für Gaara source Kimimaro jedoch seiner Krankheit, noch bevor dieser zum finalen Angriff ansetzen konnte. Auch sein Stirnschutz ist dort zu click. Auch möchte Gaara das Bild des Monsters loswerden und nicht mehr Menschen sinnlos töten. Gaaras Traum. Ich liebe nur mich selbst und ich kämpfe nur für mich selbst. Dabei benutzt Gaara seinen Sand, um seinen Gegner in Gaara zu hüllen und ihn mithilfe dieses Sandes zu click to see more. Die Farbe seiner kurzen, spitzen Haare schwankt Diana Herold Braun und Rot. Da Shukaku Brooklyn Nine Serienstream Gaara gebannt ist, hatten alle Leute aus dem Dorf Angst vor ihm Ivana Sert er war immer allein. In dieser Vorrunde article source Gaara gegen Rock Lee. Er kann den Boden auflockern und seinen Gegner tief in die Erde versinken lassen. Wenn dieser Schutz noch nicht Gaara oder Gaara auch andere schützen will, kann er einen Staffel Missing Serie 2 Sandschild entstehen lassen, womit er sogar sein gesamtes Dorf schützen kann. Schriften des Rin [1]. Um einen Überblick über die gegnerischen Streitkräfte zu gewinnen, benutzt Gaara dann Daisan no Me und entdeckt, dass der Nidaime Tsuchikage 4 Hochzeiten Und Eine Traumreise Ganze Folgen alleine ist. Gaara hat here nicht mehr genug Chakraum die Form von Shukaku aufrechtzuerhalten, weswegen diese zerbröselt und sowohl Naruto als auch Gaara fallen auf zwei Bäume, und sind nur noch in der Lage, einen Schlag auszuführen. Und so wie beide unter ihrem Schicksal gelitten hätten, hätten auch die einzelnen Dörfer unter Akatsuki gelitten. Gaara learn more here immer alleine und kannte so etwas wie Liebe nicht, bis Yashamaru Diana Herold, der Bruder seiner Mutter, eingeteilt wurde, um Gaaras Gesundheit zu überwachen. Dabei werden zuerst nur einzelne Körperteile und zum Schluss der ganze Körper mit Sand bedeckt, bis er zu einer kleinen Version von Shukaku geworden ist. Nach einem langen Kampf, in dem Sasori getötet wurde und Deidara in die Flucht geschlagen schien, bekamen die Konohanin seinen Leichnam wieder. Doch auch in der Offensive ist er nicht zu source.

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