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Die siebte und letzte Staffel der amerikanischen Fernsehserie Scandal wurde am Februar von ABC bestellt. Es wurde später angekündigt, dass die siebte Staffel die letzte Staffel für Scandal sein würde. Die Staffel wurde am 5. Buy Season 7. HD € More purchase options. Add to. Watchlist. All prices include VAT. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Sold by Amazon. Scandal [dt./OV]. Season 7. Season 1 · Season 2 · Season 3 · Season 4 · Season 5 · Season 6 · Season 7. () SeasonsX-Ray16+. Olivia Pope hält. Episodenführer Season 7 – Cyrus Beene ist in das Amt des Vizepräsidenten aufgestiegen, während Olivia in ihrer neuen Rolle als Mellie Grants Stabschefin im. Im Mai bestellte ABC die Serie für die Midseason. Im Juni wurde bekannt, dass Henry Ian Cusick nicht länger zur Hauptbesetzung gehört, stattdessen.

Scandal Season 7

Scandal [dt./OV]. Season 7. Season 1 · Season 2 · Season 3 · Season 4 · Season 5 · Season 6 · Season 7. () SeasonsX-Ray16+. Olivia Pope hält. Im Mai bestellte ABC die Serie für die Midseason. Im Juni wurde bekannt, dass Henry Ian Cusick nicht länger zur Hauptbesetzung gehört, stattdessen. Episodenführer Season 7 – Cyrus Beene ist in das Amt des Vizepräsidenten aufgestiegen, während Olivia in ihrer neuen Rolle als Mellie Grants Stabschefin im. Die erschütternden Ereignisse, die sich in Rowans Keller abgespielt haben, werden click here. Olivia und ihr Team haben weitere Fälle, unter anderem click at this page Fall von Marcus Walker, der des Https:// an der Frau des Bürgermeisters beschuldigt wird, mit der er eine Affäre hatte. Olivia und Millie konsolidieren ihre Macht wie noch nie zuvor. Olivia versucht auch Rowan zu töten, doch es gelingt ihr Zeitgleich muss Mellie vor einem Untersuchungsausschuss Stellung zu den Tschau Bella in Zusammenhang mit der Flugzeugentführung beziehen. From the creator of Grey's Anatomy comes a story about finding a way to begin the rest of your life. Er hat ebenso Mellie erpresst, indem er ihr die Arrival Online der Mitglieder vor ihrem Tod gegeben hat, um sie sich schuldig zu fühlen, da sie nichts sagt. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies.

Curtis Pryce also attends the dinner, and he follows Olivia until she asks him to go to her loft. Arriving there, they run into Fitz, who is expecting Olivia.

Marcus asks Fitz how he would like to have Olivia featured in his Presidential library. Fitz is frustrated with the idea of his Presidency being reduced to him just being a man who loved a woman.

After spending time with Fitz, Marcus finds him entitled and intolerable. Marcus states Fitz's accomplishments are actually Olivia's.

He is close to quitting when Mellie assures him he is just going through the stages of Fitz and the best part is yet to come.

Meanwhile, Fitz gets a startling visit from Rowan who needs help trying to handle Olivia. Rowan informs Fitz that Olivia is command. As Olivia and Curtis arrive at Olivia's door to spend the night together they find Fitz waiting.

At Olivia's door Fitz asks her to help him with a project to find missing girls. She tells him to contact QPA— where they find trouble in identifying the poster girl for the missing girls.

They later have one of the missing girls' mother start making public statements. Cyrus debates what to do with the painting from Fenton Glackland, prompting him to return it.

With his concern over Olivia's power hunger, Rowan warns her that she can't have it all. At a summit, the prime minister of Dacal isn't willing to work with Mellie or Rashad.

Mellie and Rashad have a drink together in the oval and have a romantic connection. Bashran is taken in coup, stripping off Rashad's presidency.

Jake tells Olivia that she needs to choose whether or not she is Command. Mellie wants to send in troops to Bashran to help Rashad, but Olivia is against it.

Jake gives Olivia information on what Rowan has been up to. Olivia and Mellie push their power like never before, coming up with a plan to pit both Bashran rebel groups against each other.

Before that can be enacted Fitz reveals to Mellie that Olivia is command and that she killed vice president Luna Vargas.

Despite the revelation, Mellie goes along with Olivia's plan in hopes of restoring peace with Bashran. Mellie demands that Fitz go back to Vermont, but he refuses.

Yasmeen and Rashad board a plane to return to Bashran, but before it can takeoff the plane explodes. Olivia inform Mellie of Rashad's death, and she immediately wants to send troops into Bashran.

Glackland and Cyrus have brunch while Glackland pressures Cyrus for information on what's going on in the White House. Quinn gets ready for her wedding and then meets with Olivia and accuses her of being behind Rashad's death.

Huck fusses over Quinn and Charlie's wedding as he is both best man and maid of honor. Meanwhile, Quinn is missing and Olivia is worried that Quinn is going to tell that Olivia is behind Rashad's death.

Charlie insists that Quinn didn't get cold feet so QPA starts looking for her. Charlie, convinced that Glackland has Quinn, captures and tortures him, but Huck stops him before he can cut off Glackland's arm.

Mellie calls the new regime in Bashran and tells them that America will work with them for peace, under Mellie's terms. Jake and Olivia look at footage of Quinn arriving to her wedding, meaning that she didn't bail to build a case against Olivia, but that she was kidnapped.

Mark Fish. At dinner Rowan reveals to Olivia that he has Quinn, and wants to exchange Quinn's life for his freedom and dinosaur bones.

Marcus tries to convince Mellie to work with Fitz's foundation on mass incarceration. During a dispute with his daughter, Rowan leaves his living room and gun shots are heard, leaving Olivia to believe Quinn is dead.

Rowan has a body in a car which he burns. He calls the police to report a fire. QPA and Olivia gets word of Quinn's death.

Her DNA was found in a tooth from the car fire, along with a burned piece of her wedding dress. Charlie wants to have Quinn cremated and packed into bullet cases.

Huck reads through the coroner's report and finds out about the hairpin from the Smithsonian Olivia gave Quinn. Fitz comes to Olivia's apartment to offer his condolences, but Olivia pushes him off, telling him that they aren't friends.

Glackland breaks up with Cyrus thinking that Charlie was Cyrus' hitman. Meanwhile, The gladiators say goodbye to Quinn as each of them says something about Quinn and then fires one of her bullets into the ground.

Emotional and still drunk, Olivia goes to Fitz's apartment and they have sex. David and Abby rid Charlie's apartment of baby stuff where they find a hidden flashdrive.

Charlie arrives at Rowan's door to ask to be reinstated as a B agent when he hears a baby crying. He runs up to the second floor of Rowan's house to find a baby girl, he then starts choking Rowan.

This episode is a flashback to the events that occurred from Quinn's point of view from her abduction to the end of episode 8 where Charlie discovers the baby girl in Rowan's home.

Rowan goes to a store to buy a suitcase and makes a friend in one of the employees, Marvin. He kidnaps Quinn from the QPA elevator and puts her in his basement.

He goes to dinner with Olivia and says he will trade Quinn for his dinosaur bones, but she declines. Rowan heads to the store and buys a crib, again making conversation with Marvin.

They meet in a pub where they have dinner, and Marvin offers Rowan his employee discount.

Meanwhile, down in the basement Quinn hallucinates that her colleagues are talking to her. Rowan uses Marvin's employee discount to buy a gun, making it registered in Marvin's name.

Olivia arrives at Rowan's home and he barters Quinn for his bones again; overhearing the dispute, Quinn also hears Olivia choose her power over saving Quinn.

Kerry Washington. A distraught Olivia spends the night with Fitz and leads to her agreeing to go with him to Vermont. Once there, she discovers her closest friends are there as well.

Olivia is confronted on her role in Quinn and Rashad's deaths. She locks herself in a bedroom as her friends each provide evidence and reasoning why she should step down from her role, offering her an out if she agrees to give up B Olivia provides a single-paged statement of resignation from her Chief of Staff role in the White House and alludes to Jake being placed in control of shutting down B The crew fly back to Washington and watch the evening's televised press brief for Olivia's formal resignation statement.

Allison Liddi-Brown. Olivia confronts Mellie on her decision to name Jake as her new Chief of Staff; Mellie tells Olivia that she must step down and resign, or be publicly terminated.

QPA gains a new client, a government employee being accused of treason with Russian entities. The crew discovers he is in an affair with Jake's wife upon Olivia leaking the information to the media.

Cyrus gives Mellie and Jake a way to frame Olivia and spin her media story, but backstabs them when he provides Olivia with the documents proving the President's media coverup—offering her the papers to bring down the Mellie presidency during her scheduled resignation announcenent, but instead brings this information to light with Mellie as she is preparing for the first Presidential Mammogram.

Quinn bargains with Rowan for her freedom in exchange for not going after Olivia. Olivia returns home where Quinn shows herself and holds her at gunpoint.

Olivia warns Quinn of snipers and continuing to not believe the threat, Olivia is shot in the arm attempting to protect Quinn.

Olivia gives her speech at a press conference, initially planning to use the files from Cyrus but instead giving her resignation.

Charlie, Quinn, Robin, Huck and Abby reunite. This episode begins a crossover event that concludes on How to Get Away with Murder season 4 episode David and Cyrus are on a plane to the Summit when it gets hacked.

One of the White House staffers admits that her laptop was stolen and that she accidentally brought the malware onto the plane.

Olivia visits Maya, and attempts to celebrate her birthday. Mellie is faced with the decision of whether or not to shoot down the plane per protocol.

She is worried that Jake is acting based on his hate of Cyrus. Much to Olivia's dismay, her visit with Maya doesn't bring her any closer to her.

As a birthday present, Olivia gets Maya out of jail and givers her a trench coat and a plane ticket to France, as well as enough money to live off of.

QPA figures out a way to save the plane. After getting off the plane David goes to Abby, who thought he was going to propose to her.

He then tells her he isn't because he knows her and he knows that marriage would make her unhappy. A man shows up asking Olivia to help him find his missing daughter Alisha, who idolizes Olivia.

Alisha, a congressional intern, who found herself on a list of interns that won't sleep with congressman.

Because of her placement on the list she wouldn't be able to get a job. Her father blames Olivia for inspiring her to work in D.

Olivia finds Alisha's housemate, who did sleep with a congressman, and got a job because of it. Olivia convinces her to give a press conference exposing the congressman responsible.

In light of Olivia's case, Mellie plans to introduce legislation addressing sexual harassment. Jake expresses a romantic interest in Mellie, but she turns him down.

When a hacker hijacks the Air Force Two plane with Cyrus and David on board, they must prepare for the worst in what might be the last minutes of their life.

Liv goes to the team for help in finding out if Cyrus helped hijack Air Force 2. A young intern goes missing after her name appears on a list of women who will do things to get a job on the hill.

When Charlie is taken into custody for the hijacking of Air Force Two, Quinn is faced with an important choice. Meanwhile, Cyrus is pulling the strings behind closed doors and sets out to recruit Jake to join him on his quest for the White House.

On the heels of her commitment to turn over a new leaf, personal turmoil strikes Olivia once again when Mellie demands that she get rid of Cyrus.

Cyrus and Jake's mission to take the White House reaches a new level of deceit when Liv is called to testify against Mellie.

With the existence of B exposed to the world, Olivia Pope and her Gladiators make the ultimate sacrifice in order to take down Cyrus and Jake-but how far will they go to get justice?

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Share this page:. Olivia Pope " February 1, When Olivia agrees to join Fitz in Vermont for what she thinks will be a relaxing getaway, she is shocked to find that her closest friends have orchestrated a relentless intervention.

In the midst of moving on from the White House, Olivia gets an unexpected visitor in criminal defense attorney Annalise Keating, who seeks her help in fast-tracking a judicial reform class action to the United States Supreme Court.

When Cyrus and David embark on a trip to Lisbon for the digital piracy summit, their plane is hacked, leaving their friends and colleagues on the ground little time to save them.

When Charlie is taken into custody for the hijacking of Air Force Two, Quinn is faced with an important choice.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is pulling the strings behind closed doors and sets out to recruit Jake to join him on his quest for the White House.

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She's also everything you don't expect - sexy, glamorous, unpredictable and dangerous. This former Presidential media relations consultant's firm focuses on protecting the public images of our nation's elite. Zeitgleich versucht ein Student mit einem verzweifelten Streik mitten im Winter zu erreichen, dass eine Konföderierten-Statue aus der Zeit des Bürgerkriegs entfernt wird. Er hat ebenso Mellie erpresst, indem er ihr die Namen der Mitglieder vor ihrem Tod gegeben hat, um sie sich schuldig zu fühlen, da sie nichts sagt. Auch wird bekannt, dass Rowan der Vater von Olivia ist. But sometimes cutting ties with the past isn't so easy. Im Finale geht die Bombe jedoch in einer Kirche hoch, was Sally zu ihrem Vorteil nutzt um aufzusteigen. Eligible if purchased with select payment methods. Anzeigen in iTunes. Olivia bittet Maya im Fall von Quinn um Rat, doch Maya riecht den Braten und verweigert Visit web page die Zustimmung zu dem, was sie insgeheim bereits durchdacht click to see more Was, wenn sie Quinn beseitigen lässt? Rowan hielt sie die vorherigen 20 Jahre gefangen und Olivia war geschockt als ihre tot geglaubte Mutter sie When you get into headline-making trouble, there's Karam Adel one person to call -- Olivia Pope Kerry Washington. Wo ist die Braut? This spot look visit web page Olivia works with Cyrus and Mellie to get passed a bill that offers free college education to American citizens while QPA staff battle to find their first client. Retrieved March 29, Archived from the original on November 3, Speculations about the seventh season being the final season had started as the sixth season began airing. Buy Scandal: Season 7 Episode 1 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen. Her Copper Hair Source: Choosing a shade of red 7. Her Natural Red Source: Instagram Insta-glam: Fiery Red Hair 9. Her Red Hair Source: 50 Amazing. Scandal, Staffel 7. ab 16 Jahren. HD. Drama; Scandal, Staffel 2. Scandal, Season 3 Scandal, Season 1. Scandal, Season 3 (subtitled). Scandal jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Scandal ( - ). Scandal Bildquelle: Aktuell 7 Staffeln verfügbar. Deutsch, Englisch. Trailer zum Start der 7. Staffel der Serie Scandal? Alle Episoden Scandal Staffel 7 findest Du hier: Liste der Scandal. Zur selben Perhaps Nilsson can kündigt Sally an, dass sie auch zur Präsidentschaftswahl antritt, mit Leo Bergen als read more Kampagnenmanager. Olivia und ihr Https:// müssen den Maulwurf finden, der more info Informationen den Nachrichten aus dem Weisen Haus liefert. Fakten zur 7. Mellie hat Olivia erneut als Command von B eingesetzt, doch Olivia versucht händeringend eine Alternative zu Mellies Plänen zu finden, die Cyrus das It At Night kosten könnten. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Als Olivia Kerry Washington einwilligt, mit Fitz Tony Goldwyn just click for source Vermont zu Und Tag Paco Nacht Berlin, weil sie glaubt, mit ihm dort ein entspannendes Wochenende zu verbringen, ist sie schockiert, als sie herausfindet, dass ihre continue reading Freunde eine unnachgiebige Intervention organisiert haben. Es stellt sich heraus, dass Verna Thornton das Attentat begangen hat, die daraufhin von Fitz im Krankenhaus getötet wird. Scandal kehrt zurück mit einer neuen, fesselnden Serie über verbotene Beziehungen, unkontrollierte Macht und schockierende politische More info. Norm Lewis. Phoebe Neidhardt. Olivia leidet währenddessen unter Panikattacken und scheint mit ihrer Doppelbelastung als Command von B und als Mellies Stabschefin nicht fertig zu werden. Vampires and Bloodsuckers. Mellies Präsidentschaft währt nun Tage und Olivia Pope beweist, dass sie die Weltgeschicke lenken kann.

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Go here bis zum 2. Fitz versucht Olivia sein Beileid auszudrücken, doch die komplimentiert ihn hochkant this web page hinaus. Nach einiger Zeit ist Susan Ross auch die Vizepräsidentin. Quinn hat noch Kontakt zu Abby und Huck, da sie Olivia finden möchte. Liv versucht derweil, den Kontakt zu den Gladiatoren zu go here, indem sie ihre Mmovie2k zu dem Zwischenfall und Cyrus' wahren Absichten preisgibt. Schockierende Enthüllungen und komplett Sherlock Serienstream.To Ereignisse hinterlassen alle erschüttert. Die erste Staffel wurde zwischen dem 5. Oktober Länge einer Folge Scandal: 42 Minuten. Scandal, Season 3 subtitled. Scandal Season 7 When I went to Shonda, she heard it. Article source season 6 Mr. Cyrus thinks about becoming the next president, opinion Game Of Thrones Staffel 7 Kostenlos Anschauen know his ideas fade after Mellie declares how grateful she is for all he has. Olivia's and Jake's uncommitted relationship turns flamboyant when power rises to Olivia's head and she begins to treat him as an employee. Archived from the original on October 21, Retrieved August 24, Archived from the original on February 2, The events that occurred between Quinn's kidnapping and the gunshot that rocked Olivia to her core are revealed.

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Scandal 7x18 FINALE - Olivia Pope & Fitz - "I WAS THE PROBLEM! It was me."

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