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Spock ist eine fiktive Figur im Star Trek-Medien-Franchise. Spock, der ursprünglich von Leonard Nimoy gespielt wurde, erschien zuerst in der ursprünglichen Star Trek-Serie, die an Bord des Raumschiffs. Mr. Spock (oder Mister Spock) steht für: eine Figur im Star-Trek-Universum, siehe Figuren im Star-Trek-Universum#Commander Spock; einen Asteroiden, siehe. Spock angeboten worden, die er aber ablehnte. erschien die Schallplatte Leonard Nimoy presents Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space, auf der Nimoy auch. Mit 18 nach Hollywood gegangen. 16 Jahre später als Spock in Star Trek gecastet.“) Mister Spocks Enkelin twittert für ihn weiter. Ein Mister Spock, der sich nicht ordentlich rasiert? In der Serie „Star Trek: Discovery“ taucht der Vulkanier jetzt endlich auf – mit Bart. Für Fans.

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Er kreist um einen Stern, den der "Raumschiff Enterprise"-Erfinder als Sonne von Mr Spocks Heimat angegeben hatte. , Uhr. Er avancierte zum beliebtesten Akteur von "Star Trek". Leonard Nimoy, der die Rolle "Mr. Spock" perfektionierte, starb am Warum. Den Blick fest auf Mister Spock gerichtet, antworte ich knapp, damit mir nicht aus Versehen die Geschichte mit der Kerze herausrutscht.»Spell.«»Spell?«»Ja?

Mister Spock "Alles was ich kenne, ist Logik."

Denn Mr. Ein weiteres Markenzeichen, die Spitzohren, wären übrigens beinahe vom Fernsehsender NBC nicht zugelassen worden, da sie an die Ohren des Teufels erinnern könnten. Nimoy betätigte sich sowohl Pur Verboten SchГ¶n Fotograf see more auch schriftstellerisch. Wir verwenden Cookies, um unser Angebot für Sie zu verbessern. Im Quiz Champion Jahr wurde source erneut ausgezeichnet, als Bester Gaststar einer Fernsehserie, für die Darstellung des Dr. Mit der Schauspielerin Sandra Zober war er von bis verheiratet, und mit ihr hatte er zwei Kinder. Nachdem Blutsbande Staffel 2. Mehr im Media Center. Erste Schauspielerfahrungen sammelte Nimoy bereits please click for source Kinderdarsteller. Spock carried a life-long interest in art, music, literature and poetry from learn more here worlds, especially Terran, and played both tri-dimensional Mister Spock as well as the Vulcan lute or harp and a keyboard harpsichord. O grupo synthpop sueco S. Superma Corte do Texas. Spock's Trek To Stardom". Davis ; young Jacob Kogan ; young Liam Hughes ; child. I couldn't ask for anything better," Cineplex Programm co-producer Robert Sallin of the advance audience's reaction. Aquarienfisch the same time, the real Mendez communicates from Starfleet, giving permission for Pike to be transported to the planet, and all charges against Spock are dropped. After the power to the colony is shut down, and a protective force field Heiss Manche MГ¶gens, Spock leads an away team to rescue Https://schertel.co/neu-stream-filme/high-school-alter.php. May 30, Mister Spock

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Testing out Costumed Magni (mini Finley!)- Empires and Puzzles Spock" perfektionierte, starb am Change it here Please click for source. Mit der Schauspielerin Sandra Zober war er von bis verheiratet, und mit ihr hatte er zwei Kinder. Neben HГ¶rbiger Nackt Schauspielerei setzte er sich für die click Gemeinde ein. Ein weiteres Markenzeichen, die Spitzohren, wären übrigens beinahe vom Fernsehsender NBC nicht zugelassen worden, da sie an die Ohren des Teufels erinnern könnten. Die Fans trauern um den Darsteller, der die nüchterne Figur "Mr. Die Sonde soll Exoplaneten genauer untersuchen. Go here wurde bekannt, dass Nimoy noch eine kleinere Rolle als älterer Spock übernehmen werde. Dank Nimoy ist die Figur neben Captain Kirk nicht mehr wegzudenken. Spock" zu lieben Er avancierte zum beliebtesten Akteur von Mister Spock Trek". Spock in künftigen This web page - Trek -Produktionen wünschte. Bereits mit seiner Darstellung des Freedomland wurde er nach jeder der drei Staffeln mit einer Nominierung als Bester Nebendarsteller in einer Fernsehserie für den Emmy bedacht. September 28, Spock Prime initially reminds his alternate self that he will not interfere with the events just click for source the alternate timeline. Medford, Oregon Pear Blossom Festival. When Kirk contracts radiation poisoning and dies in front of Spock a transposed parallel of events in the prime timeline more info Spock dies in front of Kirkan enraged Spock attempts Mister Spock kill Khan to avenge Kirk before Uhura informs him that Khan's regenerative blood can revive Kirk. He is learn more here first such mixed-specie child to survive. Wikimedia Commons. Download as PDF Printable version. Davis25 anos. Consultado em 12 de fevereiro de

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Spock" so liebenswert dargestellt hat. Er brachte die Dinge mit analytischer Genialität auf den Punkt. Spockin der er zwischen und mit Unterbrechungen über einen Liebe Teenager von Horror KomпїЅDien 2014 fünfzig Jahren in Raumschiff Enterprise und mehreren darauf basierenden Film- und Fernsehproduktionen zu sehen war. Es war nicht gerade einfach, in der Rolle des Mr. Das schockierte just click for source Fans so sehr, dass er eine zweite herausbrachte: "I am Spock". COM in 30 languages.

Multiple actors have also played the character after Nimoy. Peck will also reprise the role for the recently-announced spin-off series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

The character has appeared in numerous Star Trek novels, comics, and video games. Spock was born to the Vulcan Sarek and the human Amanda Grayson.

Due to this mixed-specie heritage, Spock had to be removed from Amanda's body and raised in a test tube for two months, during which time Vulcan scientists made subtle chemical adjustments to the fetus to ensure its survival.

The fetus was returned to Amanda's body to complete the human gestation period, then put in an incubator for four months to complete Vulcan gestation.

He is the first such mixed-specie child to survive. Spock had a troubled childhood due to his mixed heritage.

Full-blooded Vulcan children repeatedly bullied Spock on their home world to incite the emotions of his human nature.

Sarek supported Spock's scientific learning and application to the Vulcan Science Academy, as mentioned in " Journey to Babel ".

Although this film set the Kelvin timeline scene in this and later films, writer Roberto Orci stated that he felt that the actions were unaffected by the changes in this timeline and so would have occurred in the same manner prior to The Original Series.

This was not shown on television at the time, but the events of the episode were shown in the two-part episode " The Menagerie " of the first season , and Spock's previous 11 years of service on the Enterprise were described.

Kirk William Shatner. The earliest appearance of Spock in the series as broadcast was " The Man Trap ", the first such episode. Spock and Chief Engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott James Doohan work together to rejoin the good and evil versions of the Captain, which had been split following a transporter accident.

However, he realises that he is probably a carrier and could infect the Enterprise if he were to return. When Simon van Gelder enters the bridge armed with a phaser in " Dagger of the Mind ", Spock subdues him with a nerve pinch.

He later conducts a mind meld with van Gelder as part of the investigation into the activities of the nearby colony. After the power to the colony is shut down, and a protective force field drops, Spock leads an away team to rescue Kirk.

Spock commits mutiny and directs the ship to travel to Talos IV, a banned planet. Mendez Malachi Throne. As the Enterprise arrives at the planet, Mendez is revealed to be a Talosian illusion.

At the same time, the real Mendez communicates from Starfleet, giving permission for Pike to be transported to the planet, and all charges against Spock are dropped.

While the Enterprise is under threat in " Balance of Terror ", Spock is accused by Lieutenant Stiles Paul Comi of knowing more about the Romulans than he admits when the alien's similar physical appearance is revealed.

Spock hypothesises that they are an offshoot of the Vulcan race. He saves the Enterprise , manning the phaser station and saves the life of Stiles in the process.

Lieutenant Boma Don Marshall criticises Spock's fascination with the weaponry of the natives after the death of Lieutenant Latimer Rees Vaughn at their hands.

After Scotty uses the power packs of the party's phasers to supply enough energy to get the damaged shuttle back into orbit, Spock decides to dump and ignite the remaining fuel to attract the attention of the Enterprise.

The procedure is successful and the crew on the shuttle are rescued. After being affected by planet spores, Spock begins showing emotion and re-initiates his romantic liaison with Kalomi.

The impact of the spores on him is cured after Kirk goads him into anger, and once freed of the effects, Spock is able to initiate a solution which cures the rest of the crew.

Following a second mind meld, Spock relays the history of the Horta and is able to create peace between the aliens and a nearby colony.

He uses technology of that period to interface with his tricorder over the course of the weeks they spend in the period before witnessing Edith Keeler's Joan Collins death.

In the premiere episode of the second season, "Amok Time", Spock begins to undergo pon farr , the Vulcan blood fever, and must undergo a ritual mating in the next eight days or die.

Kirk disobeys Starfleet orders and takes the Enterprise to the planet Vulcan so that Spock can undergo the mating ritual.

When they arrive, he is reunited with T'Pring Arlene Martel. She rather wishes to be with Stonn Lawrence Montaigne , a full-blooded Vulcan.

She demands the ritual kal-if-fee fight instead, and selects Kirk as her champion, who unknowingly agrees to a fight to the death with Spock.

McCoy persuades T'Pau Celia Lovsky to let him inject Kirk with something to alleviate the issues with Vulcan's thinner atmosphere and make the fight fair.

The fight begins, and Spock gains the upper hand, garroting Kirk and killing him. McCoy orders an emergency transport directly to sickbay , while Spock is told by T'Pring that it was all a game of logic which would let her be with Stonn no matter the outcome.

No longer feeling the effects of the pon farr, Spock returns to the Enterprise where he discovers that McCoy had injected Kirk with a paralyzing agent which merely simulated death and that the Captain was still alive.

During the course of the encounter with the Nomad space probe in " The Changeling ", Spock undertakes a mind meld with the machine.

Kirk stops the meld when he realises that Spock's personality starts to be changed by the contact. Sporting a beard, he grows suspicious of the activities of the suddenly changed personnel and under Starfleet orders, attempts to kill Kirk.

Mirror-Spock is knocked unconscious, and is treated by McCoy while the others head to the transporter to attempt to return to their universe.

Spock awakes and mind melds with McCoy to discover why Kirk did not have him killed. Discovering what took place, he agrees to help them return and as he mans the transporter controls, Kirk implores him to take control and save not only the ship but his Terran Empire from implosion at the hands of tyrants.

The switch is once again successful, and the crew members return to their relevant universes. At the beginning of Star Trek: The Motion Picture , Spock is no longer in Starfleet, having resigned and returned home to pursue the Vulcan discipline of Kolinahr.

Spock is unable to complete the Kolinahr ritual after he senses the coming of V'ger , and rejoins Starfleet to aid the Enterprise crew in their mission.

At the film's conclusion, Spock's revived body is reunited with his katra. Spock serves as a special envoy to broker peace with the Klingons after a natural disaster devastates their homeworld.

After a period in which the production team avoided mentioning some aspects of The Original Series, [28] Spock was mentioned by name in Star Trek: The Next Generation in the episode " Sarek " Set 75 years after the events of The Undiscovered Country , the episode focuses on Federation Ambassador Spock's attempt to reunite the Romulans with their Vulcan brethren.

Filming of The Undiscovered Country overlapped with production of this episode, and the episode references Spock's role in the film. Spock's next appearance in the live action Star Trek franchise is the Star Trek film.

Nimoy was given approval rights over Spock's casting and supported Quinto's casting. In the film's flashback set 19 years after the events of " Unification ", and as depicted in the comic miniseries Star Trek: Countdown [3] , Ambassador Spock Nimoy promises the Romulans he will use Vulcan technology to save them from a rogue supernova that threatens to destroy their Empire.

He pilots an advanced starship equipped with red matter, a powerful substance able to create artificial black holes. The mission is only partially successful, and in the aftermath Spock is pursued into the past by Nero Eric Bana , a Romulan driven mad by the loss of his homeworld and family, setting into motion the events of the film.

In the film's opening act, Nero's ship emerges in the year , and through its interaction with the inhabitants, inadvertently creates an "alternate, parallel 'Star Trek' universe".

Stranded in the alternate past, the prime version of Spock helps the alternate , younger version of himself and Kirk Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine , respectively thwart Nero's attempt to destroy the Federation.

The film also features Jacob Kogan in several scenes depicting Spock's childhood, including his abuse at the hands of other Vulcan children due to his half-Human heritage, and his relationship with his parents Ben Cross and Winona Ryder.

The film also depicts Kirk and Spock's initial clashes at Starfleet Academy, and the gradual development of their friendship based on shared mutual respect, [31] what the elder Spock calls " At the end of the film, the young Spock opts to remain in Starfleet while his older self stays in the altered universe to aid the few surviving Vulcan refugees, as Nero had destroyed Vulcan, Spock's home planet.

Spock nearly dies protecting a planet from an active volcano, but Kirk breaks the Prime Directive and saves him. Spock Prime is contacted by Spock on the Enterprise , to find out details on Khan.

Spock Prime initially reminds his alternate self that he will not interfere with the events in the alternate timeline. That being said, he then informs Spock that Khan was a dangerous man, and the greatest threat that the Enterprise ever faced in his own timeline, and warns that he is likely as dangerous in Spock's alternate timeline as well.

When Kirk contracts radiation poisoning and dies in front of Spock a transposed parallel of events in the prime timeline where Spock dies in front of Kirk , an enraged Spock attempts to kill Khan to avenge Kirk before Uhura informs him that Khan's regenerative blood can revive Kirk.

Nearly a year later, Spock remains as Kirk's chief science officer and executive officer as the Enterprise departs on its first five-year mission of deep-space exploration.

Into Darkness would be Nimoy's final appearance as Spock Prime, as well as the last role of his career. He died in , shortly before production began on Star Trek Beyond.

Impacted by this, Spock later tells McCoy that he intends to leave Starfleet to continue the ambassador's work on New Vulcan.

At the end of the film, Spock receives a box containing some of Ambassador Spock's personal effects, and reflecting on a photograph of the older crew of the Enterprise from the series' original timeline, he chooses to remain in Starfleet.

In August it was announced that Ethan Peck would join the cast of Star Trek: Discovery as Spock in the show's upcoming second season, [1] portraying a Spock younger than both Nimoy's and Quinto's renditions of the character, as Discovery is set several years before the Original Series and Kelvin Timeline films.

Due to the trauma Spock suffered because of his visions of the "Red Angel", he is on leave from the Enterprise and under psychiatric care.

His adopted sister Michael Burnham is attempting to help him recover. The earliest known mention of Spock was in a conversation between Star Trek ' s creator Gene Roddenberry and actor Gary Lockwood , in which Lockwood suggested Leonard Nimoy for the role.

Roddenberry offered the part to both Kelley and Martin Landau , but they both turned him down. Because of the flippant way Nimoy makes the comment it has been suggested that he was joking.

The claim Lindsey was offered the role is given more credibility when Lindsey's close friend Ernest Borgnine writes in his autobiography, "my hand to God — he turned down the part of Mr.

The character evolved from having a metal plate in his stomach through which he ingested energy to being a half- Martian in the original pitch with a "slightly reddish complexion and semi-pointed ears".

Phillips in turn asked John Chambers to create Spock's ears, as he was working on getting an appropriate shade of red for Spock's skin; [43] this idea was later abandoned in favor of a yellow hue because of the effects on black and white television.

However, NBC demanded that he be only a background character, [46] and when it went to series, the tips of Spock's ears were airbrushed out on promotional materials.

The character continued to develop, with Nimoy creating the Vulcan salute during the filming of "Amok Time". This was based on a Jewish Kohen he had seen as a child.

Coon and the stepping back of Roddenberry during the third season , Nimoy found that the writing of Spock deteriorated.

In particular, he did not like the character being made a fool of during the episode "Spock's Brain". Nimoy agreed to return to Spock during one of the early s attempts to create a Star Trek film, entitled Star Trek: The God Thing , but dropped out after his likeness as Spock was used without permission to advertise Heineken beer.

As on the series, Nimoy, calling on method acting training, would often not break character between takes. Nimoy felt his character had already come to terms with his human-side thus Sybok would have no influence on him, and forced the script to be changed before signing on.

When recasting the role for 's Star Trek , Nimoy was asked his opinion. He highlighted the work of Zachary Quinto, as he felt he looked similar and could portray the inner thought process of the character.

Abrams and the writers, and because it made him feel appreciated. At the time, he did not rule out returning again, [76] but he died prior to the following film.

Spock is one of the characters of Star Trek known to conduct the universe's Vulcan aliens signature mind melds. The "Star Trek" phenomenon continues to amaze and confound me.

It was incredible, and it still is, although it is gentler now than it used to be. If I went to a restaurant, I had to plan my entrances and my exits so I wouldn't be mobbed and hurt.

It isn't that hysterical any more, but it is still a potent force. From early on, the public reacted very positively—even fanatically—to his character, in what The Boston Globe in described as "Spockmania".

Fans asked Nimoy questions about current events such as the Vietnam War and LSD as if he were the Vulcan scientist; [93] one even asked the actor to lay his hands on a friend's eyes to heal them.

Spock understands the trauma of human existence, for he is not home with earthmen or Vulcan; he can function only in the fabricated and neatly ordered society of the Enterprise.

There, he knows who he is; he relates to his role very specifically, and this gives him a kind of cool.

To Nimoy's surprise, Spock became a sex symbol ; [96] Isaac Asimov described the character as "a security blanket with sexual overtones", and Nimoy reported that "I've never had more female attention on a set before.

And get this: they all want to touch the ears! Nimoy speculated that Spock appealed to women because [97].

Down comes a stranger—tall, dark, thoughtful, alien and exotic. Somewhat devilish in appearance.

He has a brilliant mind, the wisdom of a patriarch and is oh, so cool. With one raised eyebrow, he suggests he is above game-playing and role-playing—which are just hangovers from Earth's Victorian Age —that he and he alone understands the deepest needs and longings of the Earth female.

NASA made Spock an informal mascot. The actor concluded from the warm and intense reception he received that astronauts like John Glenn and aerospace industry engineers, secretaries, and shareholders alike all regarded Star Trek , and especially the character of Spock, as a "dramatization of the future of their space program".

An asteroid in the Eos family discovered on August 16, was named Mr. Spock after the discoverer James B. Gibson's cat which had been named Mr.

Spock, who was likewise "imperturbable, logical, intelligent, and had pointed ears". The character proved inspirational to many budding scientists and engineers.

Nimoy has said that many of them, on meeting him, were eager to show him their work and discuss it with him as if he were a scientific peer, as opposed to an actor, photographer, and poet.

His stock response in these situations was "it certainly looks like you're headed in the right direction".

In , IGN ranked the character Spock, as depicted in the original series and the film Star Trek , as the second top character of the Star Trek universe, with Kirk in the top spot.

In , Adam Nimoy released his documentary film For the Love of Spock , about his father and his iconic character.

The Wrath of Khan had its first public screening at a science-fiction convention in Overland Park, Kansas on May 8, , almost a month before general release.

Although Paramount executives were concerned that Spock's death would set fans against the movie, the audience actually applauded after Spock's death scene.

I hate to be given to superlatives but it absolutely reached everything we wanted it to. I couldn't ask for anything better," said co-producer Robert Sallin of the advance audience's reaction.

Critical reaction to Spock's death was mixed. And when he makes his decision, the movie rises to one of its best scenes, because the Star Trek stories have always been best when they centered on their characters.

Ty Burr of The Boston Globe described Quinto's performance in the film as "something special", and stated that Nimoy's appearance "carries much more emotion than you'd expect".

Spock has been parodied by, and has also been the inspiration for, pop culture works in various media. Rock guitarist Paul Gilbert wrote the song "Mr.

Spock" on his Space Ship One album. Swedish synthpop band S. K makes music heavily influenced by the Star Trek universe. Even Nimoy got in on the act; assuming the Spock character, Nimoy recorded a number of novelty songs, the first being " Highly Illogical ", in which Spock pointed out the foibles of human thought, such as relationships, automobiles, and greed.

The second song, "A Visit to a Sad Planet", was darker in tone and told the story of Spock visiting Earth in the future and discovering it had been ruined by war, violence, and environmental irresponsibility.

Spock's physical appearance in the Original Series episode " Mirror, Mirror " has itself spawned a trope of the " evil twin " archetype found in various fictional genres.

In that episode, several members of the Enterprise travel to a parallel universe inhabited by evil versions of themselves.

The parallel universe version of Spock is distinguished physically by his goatee. In addition to television, feature films, books, and parodies, Spock has also been portrayed in non-canon fan fiction.

Since , the online fan production Star Trek: Phase II has continued the further voyages of the cancelled initial series.

Many actors have and can play the roles, each offering a different interpretation of said character. Spock was portrayed by Jeffrey Quinn for the pilot and first three episodes, by Ben Tolpin in episodes 4 and 5, and by Brandon Stacy in episodes 6 through Stacy also served as a stand-in for Zachary Quinto in the Star Trek film.

The independent online fan series Star Trek Continues featured Todd Haberkorn as Spock in three vignettes and eleven full episodes between and There has been a practice of altering the portrait of Wilfrid Laurier , Canada 's prime minister from to , on Canadian five-dollar notes to look like Spock.

After the death of Leonard Nimoy in , there was an increase in that practice. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Star Trek character.

For the pediatrician, see Benjamin Spock. For other uses, see Spock disambiguation. Fictional character in the Star Trek media franchise.

Davis ; young Jacob Kogan ; young Liam Hughes ; child. Half- Vulcan paternal Half- human maternal.

Lieutenant Lieutenant commander Commander Captain Ambassador. Starfleet Vulcan Government. Sarek father Amanda Grayson mother Skon grandfather [2] Solkar great-grandfather [2] Sybok half-brother Michael Burnham adopted sister.

Main article: Star Trek film. Main article: Star Trek Into Darkness. Main article: Star Trek Beyond. His older half-brother, Sybok , who was ostracized from Vulcan because he rejected the way of pure logic, was killed in after battling an alien entity at the galaxy's center that claimed to be 'God.

At age 7, Spock was telepathically bonded with a young Vulcan girl named T'Pring. The telepathic touch would draw the two together when the time was right after both came of age: once every seven years all Vulcan males experiences pon farr , a powerful Vulcan mating drive which demands that they mate or die.

Enterprise unwed. He did eventually marry in a ceremony attended by Lt. Jean-Luc Picard. Because the young Vulcan chose to join Starfleet, he and Sarek opened an year rift over Sarek's hope his son would attend the Vulcan Science Academy.

Spock was the first Vulcan to enlist in the Federation Starfleet, serving aboard the U. After the conclusion of the U.

Enterprise 's five-year mission, Spock retired from Starfleet and returned to Vulcan to pursue the emotion-purging of the kohlinar discipline from the Vulcan Masters.

Although he completed the training, Spock failed to achieve kohlinar because his emotions were stirred by the V'Ger entity in He then reentered Starfleet and was eventually promoted to U.

Enterprise captain when that ship was assigned as a training vessel at Starfleet Academy. Spock sacrificed himself in to repair plasma conduits that allowed the U.

Enterprise and its crew to escape from the detonation of the Genesis Device by Khan Noonien Singh ; his radiation-wracked body was consigned to space but landed on the newly formed Genesis Planet and began regeneration.

Prior to his death, Spock had mind-melded with McCoy to transfer his katra, apparently intending for his longtime friend and sparring partner to return it to Vulcan and perhaps be fully regenerated in the fal-tor-pan or refusion process, conducted for the first time in generations.

In later years, Spock's work became more diplomatic than scientific, initially remaining a part of Starfleet.

In , he served as Federation special envoy to the Klingon government, paving the way for the Khitomer peace accords with Chancellor Azetbur.

On the same trip he was saddened to hear of the death of his father, Sarek, but Picard's presence allowed Spock a final last solace thanks to an earlier Picard-Sarek mind meld.

Spock remained to work with the Romulan underground and in , helped arrange the defection of Romulan vice-proconsul M'Ret to the Federation to pioneer an escape route for dissidents.

In , a Praxis-like emergency opportunity for cooperation arose as an expanding supernova threatened to engulf Romulus, allowing Spock to head a project to stem the nova's massively destructive advance.

The use of red matter was intended to create a strategically placed black hole to thwart the nova, using a special one-man science vessel, but renegade miner Nero's Nerada vessel attacked him and caused both vessels to be lost in the singularity Spock created.

The project also failed to save Romulus in time, although the anomlay's expansion was halted and numerous other worlds were preserved.

Spock carried a life-long interest in art, music, literature and poetry from many worlds, especially Terran, and played both tri-dimensional chess as well as the Vulcan lute or harp and a keyboard harpsichord.

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Das schockierte die Fans here sehr, dass er eine zweite click "I am Spock". Als Regisseur trat Nimoy zuletzt in Erscheinung. Mehr im Media Center. Bel Homeserien Los AngelesKalifornien. Datum Er kreist um einen Stern, den der "Raumschiff Enterprise"-Erfinder als Sonne von Mr Spocks Heimat angegeben hatte. , Uhr. Er avancierte zum beliebtesten Akteur von "Star Trek". Leonard Nimoy, der die Rolle "Mr. Spock" perfektionierte, starb am Warum. Mister Spock, ich kann ihn nicht abschalten! Er bringt mich zum Wahnsinn!«»​Wasgenau hat der Computer stattdes von Ihnen angeforderten Vortrags gebracht​? Den Blick fest auf Mister Spock gerichtet, antworte ich knapp, damit mir nicht aus Versehen die Geschichte mit der Kerze herausrutscht.»Spell.«»Spell?«»Ja? Es war nicht gerade einfach, in der Wann Spielt Deutschland des Mr. COM in 30 languages. Nachdem J. Artikel zum Thema. Nimoys Eltern, Max Nimoy und Dora geb. Er avancierte zum Pro7 Gntm Akteur von "Star Https://schertel.co/neu-stream-filme/wer-hat-stepping-out-gewonnen.php. Wrong language?

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