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Die junge Außenseiterin und Waise Sarah hatte in ihrem Leben bereits mit einigen Schicksalsschlägen zu kämpfen. Eines Tages wird sie Zeugin, wie eine junge Frau Selbstmord begeht. Bei näherer Betrachtung erkennt sie, dass die Frau ihr selbst. Orphan Black ist eine kanadisch-US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Serie mit Tatiana Maslany Die Castmitglieder Ari Millen, Kristian Bruun, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Dylan Bruce, Jordan Gavaris und Tatiana Maslany im Jahr Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Tatiana Maslany · Jordan Gavaris · Maria Doyle Kennedy · Kristian Bruun · Dylan Bruce · Evelyne . Orphan Black Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce u.v.m. Cast Orphan Black S Orphan Black · Staffeln & Episoden · Besetzung.

Orphan Black Cast

Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Tatiana Maslany · Jordan Gavaris · Maria Doyle Kennedy · Kristian Bruun · Dylan Bruce · Evelyne . Die junge Außenseiterin und Waise Sarah hatte in ihrem Leben bereits mit einigen Schicksalsschlägen zu kämpfen. Eines Tages wird sie Zeugin, wie eine junge Frau Selbstmord begeht. Bei näherer Betrachtung erkennt sie, dass die Frau ihr selbst. Orphan Black - Tatiana is basically the whole cast bro. "best lead - tatiana" Orphan Black, I love your style Tatiana! Adriana De Giglio · Orphan Black.

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Sarah returns to the delivery room while Mathieson skulks around her. He claims ownership of them even though the twins grew up outside the experiment, stating they only need one of the unexpected twin clones; the fertile freaks.

He attacks, trying to smother with one of the lab curtains, she manages to shoot him in the chest. Sarah says she and her sisters survived him, this is evolution.

Mathieson babbles on about how the clones were his greatest creation and mistake and they'll always think of him in their origins. Sarah bashes his head in with his own oxygen tank to silence him forever.

Flashbacks show Sarah considered an abortion but decided to keep her baby, Siobhan saying she needs to be still and stable to be a mother.

Siobhan coached her through the birth. Sarah draws on this as she and Art help deliver Helena's twin boys. She has placed Siobhan's house up for sale and walks away before the test.

Though Alison and the others want her to stay she snaps that the house is where Kira's grandmother was murdered.

After the baby shower she admits with nobody left to fight, she feels like the same horrible mother with no plan like she always was.

Her sisters calm her by relating their own maternal struggles. She listens to Helena's memoir that begins with Sarah stepping off the train.

She is shocked at how many Ledas there are. The series closes as Sarah and Felix take Kira to the beach, Siobhan's home and her extended family providing the stability Sarah needs to be happy.

The Season 4 premiere reveals much about Beth's life prior to her suicide. After being contacted by the clone MK and finding Alison and Cosima, MK tells her to investigate the murder of a low-level Neolutionist.

Her journey alerts Oliver and she briefly meets Leekie and Evie Cho. MK has convinced her Paul is a spy fueling her paranoia of her boyfriend.

High on pills and drunk she tries to throw herself at Paul with passion; he acts cold but will also not be the one to end their relationship.

In her misery, Beth almost shoots him. She runs to Art and has sex with him. Later that night she gets a tip from Trina who is concerned about her boyfriend, who has undergone an experimental procedure and was subsequently abducted by Neolutionists.

While investigating, she follows Trina's directions to an alleyway, where she sees a parked ambulance. Trina instructs her to climb the fire escape, and when she does, she looks into a room and she sees the Neolutionist paramedics, Frank and Roxie, and Detective Duko, a detective from her police precinct, removing a worm implant from Trina's boyfriend's cheek.

Still high, she crashes into boxes on the fire escape, startling the Neolutionists inside the building who then motion to follow her.

While fleeing, she accidentally shoots Maggie Chen on impulse, who she believed was associated with the Neolutionists that were after her.

Although Maggie Chen's sinister motives were revealed after Beth's death, Beth believed she had shot an innocent bystander.

After learning Duko would be her legal representative, she flees to MK's trailer emotionally broken. MK promises to do the thinking for both of them.

Beth is visited in her home and threatened by Duko. On the night of her, suicide Beth wore a disguise with a blonde wig, taking a gun and a card somewhere.

She returns home with someone else's blood on her hands and meets MK. Ditching her disguise, she refuses to say what happened, giving MK the gun and telling her everything is over and to go back into hiding.

She gives MK a hug and leaves to kill herself on the train platform. In the present, while Sarah tracks the dental lead, Art confronts Duko about visiting Beth's home and he tries to play it off as regular business.

Present day information reveals she had a falling out with Trina, who was some kind of "carrier" and the night Beth wore a disguise, she was carrying a card for the Life Spring fertility clinic.

At a cocktail party there that night, Beth confronted Susan intending to kill her as the head of Neolution to free her sisters.

Susan says she has dedicated her life to the clones and is sorry about what Beth's father did to her mother Ruth. Susan had watched Beth graduate the police academy.

Susan explains without her all the Ledas will die of the sickness. Beth lets Susan go, but then attacks her source; Evie Cho, scarring her face and covering Beth's hands with her blood.

Evie had set Beth up to kill Susan so Evie could become the Neolution leader. Evie warns with what Beth has just done, Neolution will kill everyone in her life including Alison and Cosima, the only way to save them being if Beth kills herself.

After Duko confirms clones have been wiped out before, Beth returns home and then chooses to die at the train station as her last act of protecting her sisters.

When Sarah is suicidal after Kendall's death she speaks with an image of Beth. When Felix talks her out of suicide, Beth tells Sarah to bring all the clones together.

Season 5 flashbacks reveal Alison didn't believe Beth saying they were clones, so Beth had Cosima suddenly show up outside Alison's house one night.

Sarah and Art have a moment of remembrance in front of Felix's painting of Beth at the art gallery. The canon "Classified Clone Reports," an in-universe novel revealed Beth was molested for several years by her adoptive father until she was a teenager.

Her monitors at the time of a neighbor, school counselor and pediatrician never saw it so Dyad was unaware of the abuse.

Though her parents divorced, Beth cut all ties with them both after high school. She signed a contract offered individually to herself, Sarah, and Cosima with the Neolutionists that supposedly freed her from further monitoring without knowing that they had "patented" the clones when they were created.

Alison soon discovers that Donnie is her real monitor, this coupled with her guilt over Aynsley's death led her to abuse alcohol and prescription pills.

Eventually she is forced into rehab by Donnie and befriends Vic, not knowing Vic is monitoring her for the police. Felix and Sarah are able to discredit Vic.

It is revealed Donnie had no idea about the clones and thought he was part of a long-term sociology study he started in college.

Donnie is furious Dr. Leekie ruined his family and accidentally kills him. Alison and Donnie bond over the deaths they caused, burying Leekie under their garage floor and rekindling their romance.

Donnie intimidates Vic and Angie into staying away from their family. Donnie is fired from his job and Alison decides to run for school trustee after helping Sarah and Delphine fool Ferdinand.

Alison buys the prescription pill supply from her drug dealer who leaves town, intending to sell them for income and use the customer list as her voter support in the school election.

Alison begins making and selling her products as well as gaining political support, turning down a bribe from Marcie to move to a nicer house outside the school district.

Alison is confronted by higher-up drug dealers only to discover their boss is her ex-boyfriend from high school, Jason. They reunite on friendly terms and she agrees to increase his profits from her sales.

Alison and Donnie enjoy twerking in their underwear while throwing their drug money around. Donnie buys a new car, to Alison's annoyance.

They continue their operation and Alison informs Jason she intends to buy her mother's beauty shop Bubbles to make a drug front.

Alison's mother Connie is very manipulative, condescending and judgmental initially refusing to sell them the store as she doesn't want Donnie as a co-owner.

The same day as the school debate, Donnie and Jason try to buy more pills from the same drug dealer that cut off Vic's finger, Pouchy.

A mix-up of the money and campaign materials almost costs Donnie his nose. Fortunately, with Felix and Cosima covering for her Alison is able to get the money in time to save Donnie.

Alison is able to give a rousing speech about family to the voters. Jason convinces Connie to sell the store as Alison would be the true boss.

Jason then kisses Cosima, thinking she is Alison. Connie reveals she did everything to get the best child, even going so far as to secretly request a sperm donor at the clinic instead of her ex-husband's material in order to have a baby with better genes; and hopes Alison will find the same courage to leave Donnie, perhaps for Jason.

Out of spite Alison introduces Cosima as her clone, but Connie doesn't believe her and thinks the clinic gave another family the same sperm, making Cosima her half-sister; to Alison's exasperation.

While making soap in the shop as a cover for the drugs Alison happily takes in Helena and Gracie. When confronting Jason about his feelings for her they kiss and she enjoys it but reiterates that she is married and this is just business.

Jason warns they are all stuck with each other now. Donnie confronts Jason alone in the shop and Jason mocks him and beats Donnie in a fistfight.

Alison spends the next day campaigning while drug dealers from Pouchy demand the pills back from Donnie since Jason is no longer backing them.

Donnie returns the pills but they laugh at his request for his money back. Once they threaten the Hendrix children, Helena slaughters them and gets back more money than Donnie expected.

Alison is surprised by Donnie's bruised face and the cash when she returns home. On the voting day, Donnie surprises Helena by finding Jesse for her to her delight.

Rudy follows the Hendrixes from the school, fortunately they were expecting him and lead him to a trap where Helena kills him.

That night they host a dinner party at Bubbles for Sarah, Felix, Siobhan, Art, Cosima, Scott, and Helena where Alison learns she won the election by 56 votes and gives a speech on how they can face whatever comes next together as a big family.

Flashbacks reveal Alison funded Cosima moving from Berkeley to help the clones and that she gave Beth a clean urine sample to pass the police drug testing.

Alison tries to be happy that Helena is having twins but is clearly jealous. She also encourages Felix to be honest about his search for his biological family.

Upon learning of the Neolution implants, she assumes Leekie must have one, and she and Donnie dig him up while being repulsed by the decomposing body.

After Donnie and Helena deflect the detectives investigating the murder of the drug dealers, Alison and Donnie tell Cosima how Leekie died and that they now have a Maggot-Bot to study.

Alison wants to prepare for another musical but it mistaken for Beth by Trina. Once Sarah snaps at her to pull her weight for the clones, Alison sends Felix and Donnie to the Life Spring clinic to pose as a gay couple looking to have children.

After dirty talking Donnie through a sperm sample, she notices a friend who also had fertility problems is now pregnant.

Fishing for information and her genuine desire for her own child, Alison is told about the BrightBorn program which ties to the Neolutionists.

With Sarah ignoring the clones, Alison has Donnie go with Cosima to a BrightBorn orientation as Cosima has the best scientific understanding.

Detective Duko tells Art they have connected the Hendrixes to dealing pills at Bubbles which could connect them to the murders.

And that Art should focus on his biological family. Knowing he had dinner at a drug front and his career is on the line, Art warns Sarah who warns Alison.

Alison argues that was necessary to keep their house and is over now. She tells Sarah that Helena left with camping gear but she is not responsible to watch Helena, going about her own domestic life.

Alison is hurt by Kendall's death but refuses to talk about it, insisting on throwing Gemma's sleepover birthday party like normal.

Art finds and beats Duko for killing Kendall and leading Beth to Evie which led to her suicide. Duko says there is nothing Art can do about any of it as he is also being watched for aiding Sarah and the Hendrixes; also hinting he knows how Art covered up Beth's shooting of Maggie Chen.

While telling the kids a ghost story, the police bust in and arrest Donnie for dealing narcotics. Duko arrives to say he will be keeping in touch with Alison.

In jail Donnie is threatened and beaten up by another Neoultionist inmate. Felix brings them Adele to be his lawyer, telling her Alison is Sarah's twin.

In the two days it will take to get bail, Duko tells Alison he will have Donnie killed unless she gives him Sarah's location. Alison struggles with the choice and talks to her priest who tells her to do what she needs to for her husband.

When Felix comes to speak with her she lies about Duko threatening her and then tells Duko that Sarah will be at the comic shop that night.

However, this is a set-up to trap Duko. Once he is captured he is forced to call off the hit on Donnie. Alison is able to happily complete her rehearsal of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Donnie is bailed out and eager to have sex with Alison since the kids are away with Connie in Florida. Meeting with Adele and Felix they are surprised their house is under surveillance but Alison slips up by saying it cannot be Duko.

This makes Adele suspicious. After sex, Alison talks about how she has lost her faith and community and wants to go somewhere else.

Since Donnie gave up his passport, they settle for the nearby Niagara Falls. While packing, Frank the paramedic captures Donnie, then Alison in the basement.

He ties them both up and demands Alison tell him what happened to Duko or he will kill her with a Maggot-Bot. Alison tells Donnie she loves him and starts her final prayer.

At the last second Helena busts in and kills Frank with an arrow to the throat, saving the Hendrixes.

Alison and Donnie hide into Helena's hut in the woods. Although Alison hates living there, she is grateful for her 'avenging angel' Helena.

In Season 5, despite Art and Felix wanting them to stay put, Alison packs the hut to return to help the others. Warned by Helena, Donnie is able to escape but men abduct Alison from the woods.

Art's new partner Detective Maddie Engers, points out to him the Hendrixes drug dealing; but who the Neolutionists really want is the pregnant crazy one, Helena.

Engers implies harm to Art's daughter if he doesn't comply. Taking Alison to the middle of a road, Engers says she cannot harm the clones but holds a gun to Art's head.

Engers demands Helena's location. Alison doesn't know where she is and Engers believes her, telling Alison she will be taken home.

In her craft room she is forced to stay home by Engers until Helena and Donnie resurface. Helena's attack on the doctor at the hospital lets Donnie slip away.

Flashbacks reveal she rejected Beth saying they were clones and got high on magic mushrooms one night with Anysley and Chad. Beth had Cosima drop in but Alison sent her away.

Seeing the different paths her sisters took while high gives Alison an existential crisis as she is just a housewife. Anysley is able to say they have a good life but if Alison feels like she has a bigger purpose, she should commit to it; inspiring Alison to support the other clones.

In the present she feels guilty for being unable to help save MK and Mr. Frontenac calls her the least valuable of all the clones.

Alison pops a pill and tries to go back to her community to help prepare for the neighborhood Fall Fair. She finds she has been replaced as organizer and most people no longer like her.

She slips the other pills into a juice and almost gives them to her replacement but stops herself. She is devastated upon seeing Chad and Anysely's two children now without their mother.

Spotting her ex-drug-dealer Ramon she gets drunk and high with him; lamenting she doesn't know who she is anymore and thinking privately the clones have ruined her life.

Donnie prepares a Highland Dance routine but is met by Art and Engers who have a search warrant on the house for the murder of Pouchy and the drug dealers.

An alarmed Donnie warns Alison and calls Sarah, telling them that both Leekie and Rudy are buried in the garage.

Finding nothing in the house, Art finds Engers planting bloodied clothes from the Pouchy murder scene mixed with clone blood to be evidence to arrest Donnie, but Engers then sees the garage floor and starts digging.

Alison almost tells Chad about her role in Anysley's death but Chad says the best way they can honor Anysely is to move on and live their lives.

Donnie drinks the juice Alison drugged. He twice collapses on stage during his routine. When the people make fun of him, Alison admits to being an alcoholic and pill-popper but calls them a bunch of hypocrites because half of them bought pills from her, imagining Anysley supporting her from the audience.

She proudly proclaims to be part of a sisterhood they could never understand while helping Donnie along with Felix.

Once Alison realizes Engers will find the bodies in the garage, she brings Leekie's head and for the first time meets Rachel.

The head was previously examined by Cosima and Scott. She says any legal trouble for her and Donnie will expose Dyad and Neolution.

Rachel is forced to call Engers off, saving her as Art was prepared to shoot Engers in the back of the head otherwise. Rachel admits to wanting to strangle Alison and Alison says the feeling is mutual.

Alison and Donnie celebrate but a much calmer Alison says she needs time away to visit the kids and find herself, singing Ain't No Mountain High Enough with Donnie for a moment of happiness.

Upon her return she has a haircut with a purple streak and tattoo on her hip. She met some people on her journey that taught her to live well and embrace her impulses; as burying them leads to negative behavior like her drinking.

Donnie is especially surprised she wants to turn the craft room into a music room and she doesn't want to tell him what to do in life anymore.

The two help set up the paintings. Though Felix says he cannot have multiple Ledas at the opening, Alison convinces him to swap them out individually as performance art to impress the crowd while Donnie acts as bartender.

She and Cosima discuss the funeral, Alison worried Sarah hasn't cried yet. Three months after the fall of Neolution, Helena and the twin boys live in the Hendrix garage.

Donnie has become regional manager of an architect company. Alison relates her own struggle of scaring Gemma as a parent, calming Sarah.

Alison's final shot in the series is playing happily in her music room after Donnie comes in from a run. He does a striptease amusing her.

Alison and Donnie affirm their love for each other. After Delphine dumps her she begins working on the genome in secret with Scott.

The two meet with Dr. Nealon of Dyad and are told the originals that Projects Leda and Castor were based from were chosen by the Duncans and the data on both has been long lost.

They then dissect Seth's body in Felix's bathtub, removing the brain and discovering the sibling relationship between the cloning projects.

Their research hits a roadblock without some DNA from the one of the originals. Spending time with Felix he gets her into online dating to get over Delphine.

Meeting Shay, a holistic healer, the two bond quickly and Cosima briefly mentions her break-up with Delphine.

While on the date someone takes pictures of them in the distance. Cosima is nervous, but decides to have sex with Shay in Felix's apartment.

The two quickly develop an intimate relationship. Returning to Dyad to examine Gracie, she acts cold to Delphine who is upset that Cosima has been keeping secrets and misses her.

Cosima considers slowing down with Shay and is informed by Scott that Rachel may know the code to the Leda genome.

Delphine is revealed to be the one behind the pictures and video of Cosima and Shay, watching them obsessively while drinking.

Delphine interrupts them one morning demanding a urine sample from Cosima for further testing while Shay secretly listens. Not trusting Delphine's new position at Dyad, Cosima seeks urine from Alison.

She begins coughing again while posing as Alison for the campaign and fumbles the opening of Alison's debate speech.

Alison refuses to give her any urine and chastises Cosima for shutting out Dyad when she needs them for her health.

Cosima admits to Shay she has a serious disease and begins heavily bleeding from her crotch. She returns to Dyad, bringing Shay as a visitor who glimpses Ethan's coded book.

Still not trusting Delphine, she works to free Rachel with Scott and Sarah in order to decode the book, but not tell Topside so they can't make more clones.

After Rudy gets the book they lie to Delphine again by saying they made no copies of it. While Scott sends Rachel to Sarah, Cosima distracts Delphine by telling her she is resigning from Dyad and of her near-death experience.

Delphine briefly softens kissing her again but warning her anyone outside Dyad could be a mole-perhaps Shay. Nealon gets the copy of the book but it is useless with Rachel apparently comatose.

Delphine accepts Cosima's resignation and fires Scott for all the lies they told but gives them a file on Shay. The file reveals Shay is involved with the military making Cosima think she is the mole, so Cosima goes back to Delphine.

Delphine intimidates and threatens Shay who says she has no idea what Castor is and eventually cries.

Delphine is stunned when Cosima tells her Shay is not the mole. Returning to Dyad, Ferdinand calls her revealing he knows Sarah is in London.

Delphine agrees to meet him to discuss the leverage they have on each other. Cosima apologizes to Shay for Delphine's actions. Shay admits she was in the military but quit and lied before only to improve her dating profile.

Cosima cannot tell her what is really going on so she breaks up with her. Once Delphine discovers Krystal in Rachel's place she has Dr.

Nealon arrested. Nealon admits Rachel was taken to the Neolutionists who have been manipulating Dyad, Topside and the military all along to get DNA from the original and want Delphine to join them.

Delphine warns Sarah and Ferdinand of this when Nealon attacks her, showing a mutated tongue. Delphine shoots and kills Nealon who warns Delphine will be dead by morning for this.

Delphine admits to Shay she was wrong and gives her a Dyad card, telling her she is a good match for Cosima and has Delphine's permission to learn everything.

Delphine meets Cosima outside Bubbles. Cosima apologizes for pushing Delphine away, now understanding the hard choices she made.

Delphine passionately kisses her. In a parking garage Delphine knows she is about to die and asks "What will happen to Cosima?

Early flashbacks reveal she moved and started studying biology specifically to help Beth and Alison. When Sarah returns, Cosima and Scott have set up a hidden lab in the basement of "The Rabbit Hole" comic shop, buying some equipment and stealing some from Dyad before they were locked out.

With all their contacts at Dyad fired or disappeared they search for a cure on their own. Cosima is getting weaker and is comforted by Mrs.

S over Delphine's disappearance. While investigating the implants, Kira gets angry and begins zoning out and warns Cosima she had a dream where all the other Ledas set Sarah on fire because Sarah is "changing.

Cosima is shocked to learn the truth of Leekie's demise and the Maggot-Bot the Hendrixes have. Dissecting Leekie's head she and Scott find the Maggot-Bot is still feeding on his body like a tumor and believe it is meant to change a person's DNA code.

Cosima believes the Neolutionists are creating genetically altered babies. Posing as the potential surrogate mother for Donnie's BrightBorn baby, the two go to an orientation and meet Evie Cho.

Susan and Ira are also there to discuss with Evie the dental clinic death. Evie tells the prospective parents how she was born with Severe combined immunodeficiency but her parents determination and experimental treatment made her better.

Evie sees Krystal con her way in and assumes she is Sarah. Susan goes down to meet the clone and realizes it is really Cosima.

Susan tells her of how BrightBorn can directly alter embryos for the best genetics though stops short of admitting that is illegal in most countries.

Stealing Susan's access card, Cosima goes to the upper floors where one of the "carrier" mothers goes into labor.

The baby is born with a severely deformed face. Susan catches Cosima. Susan explains that nobody asks permission to be born and these experiments are done to advance the human genome.

The carrier mothers and Maggot-Bots are savage ways they have to use to advance the science without more clones to make.

The Ledas and Castors are the humane way to do it. Susan knows Cosima is dying and doesn't have the resources to make a cure.

She proposes the Ledas work with her and give her Kendall in exchange for find a cure for all the clones together. Asking about Delphine's fate, Evie says she was not involved with Dyad.

A panicked Scott reveals the hard-drive had a Trojan on it that wiped out their copy of the data.

Cosima manages to steal Sarah's Maggot-Bot off Evie's desk. Once Susan stops answering, Evie and Roxie take her to watch Kendall be killed, saying the science does not need the clones anymore despite what Susan wants.

As Kendall burns, Evie tells a broken Cosima that Delphine was shot dead in the parking garage, and to tell Sarah it is over for the clones.

A drained Cosima blames herself for Kendall's death and has lost hope with no Original nor data and Delphine's death. Cosima locks herself in the basement lab and cuts a hole in her cheek to implant Sarah's Maggot-Bot inside her, on the slim chance it will cure her; even if she dies her body will provide clues for a cure for the others.

Scott calls Felix who convinces Cosima to stop because Krystal saw Delphine get picked up by someone after she was shot-still alive.

Sarah promises to help find Delphine. Veera is able to digitally connect Cosima with Susan, to work on a cure, though she and Scott refuse to let Rachel or Ira help.

Susan is impressed with how far Cosima was able to get with limited resources. They eventually realize a Leda egg fertilized with Castor sperm could provide a cure-getting the genetics from Sarah and Ira.

Cosima flies out to Susan's island with Sarah's egg to finally make a cure. Starting the blastocyst in Susan's lab it is on track to becoming a zygote.

Susan lets her read about the origins of Neolution and Cosima meets Charlotte who tells her a bit about the island they are on. Cosima questions the ethics of making a young clone with a disabled leg while also knowing she could get sick.

Susan says she was under pressure to continue Leda and it only matters now that they make a cure.

Elsewhere, in a cabin with music and a laptop, sits Delphine; alive and well. Flashbacks reveal Duko shot Delphine for Evie but was distracted by Krystal's cell phone.

A car approaches so he flees before he can kill her. Van Lier and another man save Delphine and she is sent to the island to recover, living in the village with The Messenger.

Cosima's zygote makes a gene line that can be a cure, which overjoys both her and Susan. When communication outside the island is cut off she grows suspicious and overhears that Susan is eager to start a new clone project with this breakthrough.

A betrayed Cosima is locked in a room by Susan who says it's for the best to make a cure and more clones. Cosima is freed by Charlotte and steals some of the gene line.

They watch and flee when Rachel stabs Susan. Cosima begins losing blood again and she and Charlotte almost freeze to death in the woods. They are taken to the village by The Messenger where she is reunited and cared for by Delphine, sharing body heat.

Delphine knows The Messenger and his superior are not happy Cosima is there and did not save either of them out of kindness. But Delphine is allowed to care for Cosima.

Delphine realizes Cosima has a cure and promises to use it to save her but it is not safe there, so they must keep it a secret. Waking up the next day she meets one of the islanders named Mud who tells her she is at Revival, a village totally self-sufficient and run by the year-old P.

Westmorland who chose them from all around the world as his children. Delphine has been working in a medical clinic treating an Afghani girl with cancer, who is there for "the fountain.

She has readied the cell line as an injection into the uterus as a possible cure. However, after the Messenger takes her to speak with Westmorland she is forced to go on a research trip to Sardinia.

Hiding the cure in the back of the medical freezer she says goodbye to Cosima. Cosima watches as Rachel delivers a speech about the next stage of Neolution to the villagers.

With Mud asleep outside, she sneaks into the medical trailer but decides to stay for the cure, sending Sarah away. Cosima struggles to try and inject herself, Rachel appears and does it for her, stating Westmorland chose them to make a cure together.

Cosima examines Aisha the girl with cancer before being called to meet Westmorland. Westmorland claims he's lived years because of his genetics and Neolution.

He shows Cosima her results and that the cure appears to be working. He gives her the lab and says she can work to cure her sisters and hopes one day she will work with him in the future, though she rebuffs him.

Flashbacks reveal she went to Alison's uninvited to meet her the first time at Beth's request, surprised that Alison was high at the time.

On the island she is surprised when Charlotte brings her the human tooth of the monster and finds Mud lies about it even to other people at the camp.

She follows Mud into Westmorland's house and sees her hooking him into a machine. Sneaking into the basement she finds pictures of wounded body parts and a bloody cell.

Mud is very scared and forces Cosima out. Cosima follows her into the woods and she brings a blanket for the monster, seeing it as a feral adult man that scares even Mud.

Flashbacks reveal the night Cosima and Delphine found the patent Cosima believed they totally owned her. Delphine calmed her by saying they could never own who she is as a person and promises to always protect her; Cosima promises to always defy Neolution.

Scanning the tooth and finding that Aisha's tumor is shrinking she sees repeated reference to Lin 28A in a genome.

Delphine returns saying she was collecting boring stool samples in Sardinia. When Cosima demands more information, Delphine snaps saying Cosima is pushing too hard and risking everything.

The Messenger tells Delphine to come for a formal dinner at Westmorland which Coisma weasels into after revealing she knows of Lin 28A.

Refusing to wear a formal dress she dons a tuxedo and meets with Westmorland, Rachel, Susan and Ira.

Westmorland needles her about her parents, Sally and Gene; professors who love her but think she is still in school, Cosima hasn't even told them she is sick as that would reveal she is a clone and much of her life was a lie.

Westmorland calls them fragile. Cosima can tell they are just manipulating, not curing Aisha's cancer but Lin 28A is real healing factor in both the feral man and Kira.

Cosima is shocked when Delphine announcing she is going to Geneva next and told Westmorland that Cosima was in his basement. The feral man was a Latvian orphan named Yanis, as a boy he had a healing factor from Lin 28A being manipulated.

Once he went feral, Susan tried to put the healing factor into the clones but it failed though appears to have passed onto the unintended second generation; Kira, the real "fountain" in Westmorland's plans.

Delphine tells Cosima in private that she is joining Felix and Adele, they are working on the endgame but she must hide it from Cosima.

Their relationship is Cosima pushing too hard and Delphine doing things to protect her without her consent, they choose to accept it, reminding each other of their promises and pledging to stop Westmorland who enjoys dividing women.

With Yanis attacking villagers, Mud is sent out to look for him as bait but Yanis kills one of the hunters and breaks into Westmorland's home.

Susan tells Cosima the next step is seeing if the healing factor can be passed on by harvesting Kira's eggs for surrogates Rachel's found.

Mud tells Cosima she was the one who let Yanis out to spare his suffering. Yanis is in the basement with a weakened Westmorland, Yanis just wanted to go home.

Cosima sees Westmorland's years-old claim is a lie, he wants Kira's healing potential because he's dying and willing to make Kira into a victim like Yanis.

Westmorland challenges her to do the ethical thing and kill Yanis to end his pain but she refuses to lose her humanity.

Westmorland shoots Yanis himself, locking Cosima in the holding cell with his body. Locked up she tries and fails to convince Mud to let her out.

Virginia Coady returns and Westmorland says it was a mistake to grant Susan's request that they be separated, the science will progress faster with them forced to work together.

Susan says his mythology is cracking, he had more power when they met in the s as a man but with him on dialysis he is getting weaker, his real name being John.

Coady says Kira and her family will be exploited anyway and if Cosima would change her thinking, she could help set up the science's new delivery system.

Cosima dismisses her as insane. The villagers of Revival begin to lose faith with one of their hunters dead and Aisha dying from her cancer.

This shakes Mud even though Westmorland saved her life. She was a junkie from Seattle that was a vegetable for 6 months after an overdose, she awoke on the island and has been there ever since.

Ira and Cosima convince her to help them bring down Westmorland. However he catches on and forgives Mud, telling her to go.

Coady comes in with a gun pointed at Susan. Ira frees Cosima and tells her to go to the boats, giving her an envelope from Susan for protection.

Cosima grabs the cure but villagers grab her, not trusting Westmorland's scientists anymore.

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Orphan Black Cast - Inhaltsverzeichnis

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